Eva Elizabeth

Wow!  It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything.  But I have a very exciting update…


Eva Elizabeth was born on December 19, 2006 at 3:16 pm.  She was 7 lbs 15 oz and 20 3/4 inches.  She’s beautiful!! 

Abbye img_2272.jpg and


are very excited about this new addition to our family.  We have to make sure that they aren’t constantly in Eva’s face giving her kisses!!

Pregnancy Update

Today is November 11, 2006, which is day 229 of my pregnancy.  I have 37 days to go until the due date!  Wow!  Eva and I are moving right along!!  (Remember Eva, you can come out early!  I’m thinking December 9th would be great!)

“The baby almost always settles it the mother’s pelvis in a head-down position, because the head is the heaviest part of a body and is better accommodated in the bottom contour of the uterus than in the top.”  The Pregnancy Journal by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

That is actually under yesterday’s date, but it was more interesting than what was under today’s!

I hope and pray that you all will have a wonderful Thanksgiving time enoying family and friends.  Take this time to reflect on what the Lord has done in your life this year and GIVE THANKS!! 

(I’ve got 4 homemade pumpkin pies and 2 fruit salads to make tomorrow for Thanksgiving, so I probably won’t have time to post anything more until after the holiday weekend!  But it’s not like I’ve been that regular anyway!!)

They say “Don’t cry over spilled milk”…

What about spilled hot chocolate?!  =)

Tomorrow I will be one month away from having Eva Elizabeth.  (We finally decided on a name!)  OK…I know that December 8th isn’t my Dec. 28th due date.  However, three weeks early is usually OK with the doctors.  I’m praying for labor to start Dec. 8th for several reasons.  One reason is that I really don’t want Eva to be born too close to Christmas.  Another is that since Abbye was 7 lbs 13 oz and then Hannah came weighing 9 lbs 2 oz, I’m hoping not to have to push out (naturally, may I add!) a 10 lbs 7 oz baby!!  I would love to try a smaller baby this time!  =)

Anyway… Back to crying over spilled hot chocolate.  Abbye had a doctor appointment this morning.  Then I had some errands to run downtown.  Since we just happened to be close to the newly opened bookstore and coffee shop, I decided to get a drink!  Abbye asked if she could have some hot chocolate.  I thought that would be fun to get a large and all share it after their nap.  Well, Abbye kept insisting on holding it, since it was hers!  No, that was not going to happen…You are little  and it is big and very hot!  However, I caved when we got home and let her carry it from the car to the kitchen table.  I thought that she’s big enough, it’s not very far, it’ll be OK, it had a lid.  But, I was wrong!  She spilled it all when she didn’t raise it enough to set it on the table.  The lid came off and it went all over the table, and floor, and wall, and chairs!!  I was soooooooo frustrated and mad, more at myself than Abbye since I knew better!  I got Abbye and Hannah down for a nap.  They went right to sleep, which was a very smart move on their part (but I’m sure it has more to do with them being sick, since Abbye doesn’t even normally take a morning nap!)!  Momma wasn’t happy!!  Matt was coming home for lunch early since he went to work at 5:00 am.  So, when he got home I was still cleaning the mess up and … crying!  Yes, I was crying over spilled hot chocolate.  I was crying because I knew better than to let her carry it.  I was crying because I let her whining get to me.  I was crying because here lately she seems to be whining a lot.  I was crying because I paid good money for that wasted drink.  I was crying because I’m tired.  I was crying because I am sick.  And probably that main reason why I was crying… because I’m pregnant and my emotions are in overdrive!!  =)

Please keep me and my household in your prayers!  Thanks!!

Missing in Action…!

…or maybe it’s in “unaction”!  Help!  =) 

I’m so very tired, usually around 2 in the afternoon if not before!  My body, especially my feet, and my mind says, “We quit!”  However, my emotions are still on a pregnancy high!!  So, I may not be able to move or speak, but I can cry at the drop of a hat!  =)   Sounds fun at my house, huh?!

I have been able to stay up on stuff around the house, mostly!  However, I haven’t been doing much else.  I planning on doing better, but I have to take one day at a time!! 

Also, we’ve moved the girls in the same room.  We wanted them to have a couple months to adjust to this change before we had the baby.  So, nighttime and naptime are not going very well.  The girls keep each other up later and wake each other up earlier.  It seems like no one is getting enough sleep around here!!

So long for now!  Hopefully I’ll be back soon!

Abbye turned 3!

I’m a little late, but my oldest turned 3 on September 23, 2006!  (But with five extra people living in our about 1,000 square foot home, I didn’t have the time or space!! =)  … )  


I can’t believe that Abbye is 3 years old!!  I remember her waking me up with contractions EARLY in the morning.  I thought for several hours that I need to just go back to sleep.  However, I couldn’t!  I woke Matt up and hopped in the shower.  Matt tried to go back to sleep, but it didn’t work for him either!  He watched ESPN and timed my contractions until they were five minutes apart.  Then we drove quickly to the town where our hospital was.  Since, I had been sitting my contractions had slowed down.  So, we joined quite a few elderly people walking around the mall, which is only open to walkers at that time in the morning!  It was very easy to tell that we were the topic of their conversations that morning!!  When my contractions became closer together, we went to the hospital.  As soon as I could, I started walking again.  I walked until I couldn’t any more!!  (I didn’t want to take any drugs – better for the baby and for me!)  It was around 11:00 am when Matt and I headed back to the room, since the nurse wanted to check me.  That’s the same time that I was finding it very very hard to walk!  Matt was wonderful during all of this.  He helped me remember to breath and stay calm!  My mom counted through the contractions to remind me that they would end.  And Matt’s mom was ready with the camera to take pictures as soon Abbye was born.  Then Abbye was born at 12:45 pm!  Wow!!  What a miracle!  I can’t believe anyone can go through pregnancy and birth and not believe in God or the sanctity of life!  =)

Now, Abbye is full of energy and smiles.  She’s very very verbal!  It’s not that she just talks all the time, but she says things and uses words that you don’t expect to come from such a young child.  (And they’re in the right context!)  She’s so beautiful with big brown eyes and a very expressive face…no, not just face…it would be “very expressive body” since she uses all of her!!  =)  She loves to read, to watch Andy Griffith, to play, to color, to help with anything I’m doing, and to dress up.  She tells me all the time that God is in her heart!  When she’s “reading” her Bible she says “When God loves, God loves me” and “Let’s pray for God.”  During Abbye’s dedication our previous pastor, Pastor Jerry, said that she would be a voice to her generation!  That is what we are praying for our little princess!!  =)

Abbye, Daddy and I love you!!

Pregnancy Update!

We had a sonogram appointment last Tuesday (9/19/06).  We are expecting a girl!!  =)  That will make three girls!

I really like the name Ella.  Matt likes Emma.  However, we don’t agree with each other.  We’ve decided on the name Elizabeth.  (Unless God changes Matt’s mind about Ella!)  We’re still looking for a middle name.  It’s got to be short, since Elizabeth is long.  Kay and Joy are names that we’re thinking about using.  As suggestions?

Halfway Point in Pregnancy!

On August 17, 2006 a milestone was reached in my pregnancy!  I’ve been through nineteen weeks and have nineteen weeks ahead of me.  Yeah!  =)

I feel like celebrating!  However, Matt is working nights.  So, I’ll probably just watch my Netflix movie Gidget, which was suggested awhile ago by Nicole.  Maybe I’ll even splurge and get some sparkling white grape juice!!

What the baby is doing today…

I have been wanting to share some info from The Pregnancy Journal which is a “A Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy.”  I found this when I was pregnant with Abbye and have used it each pregnancy since.

Today is day 90, and I have 176 days until the baby’s due date.

“The baby’s heart pumps about 25 quarts of blood a day during the fourth month; that rate will increase to 300 quarts of blood a day by the time it is born.”

Not the Time

During pregnancy is not the time to watch sad movies, listen to sad stories, or hear sad songs.  Even if I’ve seen or heard them before, I cry and cry and cry!  I feel sorry for the people involved.  Also, I just think how I would feel to be in those situations.

Let’s think happy thoughts!!  =)