Abbye turned 3!

I’m a little late, but my oldest turned 3 on September 23, 2006!  (But with five extra people living in our about 1,000 square foot home, I didn’t have the time or space!! =)  … )  


I can’t believe that Abbye is 3 years old!!  I remember her waking me up with contractions EARLY in the morning.  I thought for several hours that I need to just go back to sleep.  However, I couldn’t!  I woke Matt up and hopped in the shower.  Matt tried to go back to sleep, but it didn’t work for him either!  He watched ESPN and timed my contractions until they were five minutes apart.  Then we drove quickly to the town where our hospital was.  Since, I had been sitting my contractions had slowed down.  So, we joined quite a few elderly people walking around the mall, which is only open to walkers at that time in the morning!  It was very easy to tell that we were the topic of their conversations that morning!!  When my contractions became closer together, we went to the hospital.  As soon as I could, I started walking again.  I walked until I couldn’t any more!!  (I didn’t want to take any drugs – better for the baby and for me!)  It was around 11:00 am when Matt and I headed back to the room, since the nurse wanted to check me.  That’s the same time that I was finding it very very hard to walk!  Matt was wonderful during all of this.  He helped me remember to breath and stay calm!  My mom counted through the contractions to remind me that they would end.  And Matt’s mom was ready with the camera to take pictures as soon Abbye was born.  Then Abbye was born at 12:45 pm!  Wow!!  What a miracle!  I can’t believe anyone can go through pregnancy and birth and not believe in God or the sanctity of life!  =)

Now, Abbye is full of energy and smiles.  She’s very very verbal!  It’s not that she just talks all the time, but she says things and uses words that you don’t expect to come from such a young child.  (And they’re in the right context!)  She’s so beautiful with big brown eyes and a very expressive face…no, not just face…it would be “very expressive body” since she uses all of her!!  =)  She loves to read, to watch Andy Griffith, to play, to color, to help with anything I’m doing, and to dress up.  She tells me all the time that God is in her heart!  When she’s “reading” her Bible she says “When God loves, God loves me” and “Let’s pray for God.”  During Abbye’s dedication our previous pastor, Pastor Jerry, said that she would be a voice to her generation!  That is what we are praying for our little princess!!  =)

Abbye, Daddy and I love you!!

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