Mr. Zip and The Capital Z by Kimberly Bryant-Palmer

I love tracking down new and interesting books for my kids! I really want my kids to loveunnamed-2 reading. Now if I can find a fun clean series that will pull them in AND include history — What a find!! 🙂

I really enjoyed Mr. Zip and The Capital Z. The main character is, of course, Mr. Zip, an older gentleman who owns a very unique shop with “everything you would need to know — from A to Z.” He is a very likable and yet slightly strange character that has a hint of Mr. Whitaker from Adventure’s in Odyssey and Finnian Jones from Lamplighter Theatre. (Great audio resources I would highly recommend!)

This book focused on a young boy called Peanut. He learns a little more about family, history and his heart. Somehow with Mr. Zip he sees glances of history from General Jackson in the War of 1812 to General Washington in the Revolutionary War to as far back as the Tower of Babel.  I love the last chapter with the interaction between Peanut and his dad. What a special moment!

Mr. Zip shares an interesting fact from history between each chapter. Also, there’s footnotes and endnotes concerning the history, if you want to check more out.

We look forward to the next book in the series — Mr. Zip and The Capital Z ~ Lucy Jane Pennywhistle Comes Home!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookCrash. I was not required to give a positive review, but to solely express my own thoughts and opinions.

Roots for the Journey CD Review and **Giveaway**

Our family loves good, Christian music, and we listen to all kinds. Yet we had never heard of Yancy and were excited for the introduction through Roots for the RootsForTheJourney-COVERJourney CD —Music centered on the eternal Word of God. We were even more surprised and pleased that there is an app that goes along as a family devotional. Yancy provides us parents this amazing tool that will help make God’s Truth not only come alive through her music, but also gives us activities to reenforce that the Word of God is be something to live and pass along.

Here’s what Yancy had to say about why she created Roots for the Journey CD and App (Yancy had family ministry friends help her make these Biblical truths come alive.):

“Taking key Scriptures and truths that I wanted to pass on to my son and making sure he knew and understood the direction and answers these Scriptures provide us was important to me. As I worked in the studio, I realized that with how the music was shaping up and the fact that the Bible is true, whether you’re an infant or a grown-up, these songs had more potential. Already, when I meet people in my life that are facing big mountains, fears, or needs for answers, I’ve been able to use these songs as a way to help strengthen their faith and help them meditate on what God’s Word says.”

The music got my kids up and moving and singing about Jesus! The app gave us a fun way to point out the Scripture Truths in the songs and how to walk in God’s way. I would definitely recommend Yancy’s music for ALL ages!!

The app is free; don’t miss it!!

“Roots for the Journey” app for iPhone

“Roots for the Journey” app for iPad

“Roots for the Journey” app for Android

AND the CD you can win by sharing about this giveaway and then leaving a comment. On Monday, July 1st, one person will be chosen randomly to win their very own copy of the “Roots for the Journey” CD!!!! 🙂

Also check out more of Yancy’s music and apps, such as

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Yancy's Jesus Music Box

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Sharing “It’s the Desperate Launch Week!!!!! Gifts & Giveaways for YOU!”

It’s the Desperate Launch Week!!!!! Gifts & Giveaways for YOU! at

They are launching this book – Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe….I am so excited about it….but they are also giving away gifts to us!! So, I wanted to share with you. 🙂

Today’s Giveaway!

Every day this week we will have a giveaway for you to enter! Today’s giveaway is…

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There’s more….

Spa/Mentoring Weekend with Sally Clarkson & Sarah Mae! at

Oh friends. If you are craving a time away to catch your breathe and refresh your soul, you will love this giveaway.

Mentor mama Sally Clarkson will be opening her home to you and a friend to come and be loved and mentored and fed and poured into. You will be spending the night at the Marriott nearby, but your days will be spent with Sarah Mae and Sally at Sally’s home, and at the 5-star Broodmore hotel for a relaxing afternoon of pampering.

Oh yes, you read correctly. Pampering!

Those would be some truly amazing blessing to win! But don’t forget to check out their book too. 🙂

25 Days – 25 Names of Jesus

Here is a study –> 25 Days – 25 Names of Jesus <– done by Manna 2 Go.

It was actually leading up to Christmas.


I’m sorry that I didn’t think about sharing it earlier, however I am now because I don’t want you to miss it.


I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to you all!


Click this picture to get to the introduction of the study. —>


If you want to go in order (which you don’t have to), work backwards through the posts.


Take the time to go through these – some videos, some pictures, some write ups.


They aren’t very long. However, don’t rush just because they are short.


Take your time, because there is much that is shared about the names of Jesus.

Happy New Year! 🙂

Registration Ends Today for the Hello Mornings Challenge

What is the Hello Mornings Challenge?

“The Challenge is a tri-annual online community event that gathers together thousands of women from all over the world. We encourage one another and keep one another accountable as we work to develop the life giving morning habit of waking up early, spending time with God and being intentional about planning our days and exercising regularly.

The Hello Mornings Challenge is based on the (free) ebook, Maximize Your Mornings, which specifcally challenges moms to stop waking up TO their children and start waking up FOR them. (Although, all women are welcome to join, not just moms.)”

This is my second second session to join (this session dates are: January 16-April 15), because the above description is exactly what I need – encouragement and accountability. I long to be the mom that God wants me to be for my kids!  I want to wake up FOR them and not TO them. I want to already started my day right by spending time with God, which will be my main goal. I also want to include working out and organization/planning in my goals.

Well, i guess, if you think about it… my first goal would be to just GET OUT OF BED! 🙂

What about you? You need some encouragement and accountability from other ladies who want to maximize their morning? I hope you join the Hello Morning Challenge!