Pregnancy Update!

We had a sonogram appointment last Tuesday (9/19/06).  We are expecting a girl!!  =)  That will make three girls!

I really like the name Ella.  Matt likes Emma.  However, we don’t agree with each other.  We’ve decided on the name Elizabeth.  (Unless God changes Matt’s mind about Ella!)  We’re still looking for a middle name.  It’s got to be short, since Elizabeth is long.  Kay and Joy are names that we’re thinking about using.  As suggestions?

9 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update!

  1. How about Bethany? I just thought of that when I was thinking of Eliza”beth” anyway Bethany is pretty have you ever thought of that one? I never did.

    Oh, and Joshua is sick again, please pray for him.

  2. I’ll mention Bethany to Matt. However, I’m pretty sure we’re set on Elizabeth and just looking for a middle name.

    Jami – When Joshua finally gets better, come to town so he can play with Abbye. We missed him at her party!

  3. Oh, yes Nicole Elizabeth Ann is good.

    Sarah, Joshua was so upset he didn’t get to go and he was so sick that day I didn’t get the chance to call you. He got better just in time for his well check then got sick again the next day. We should be coming to town soon, I’ll call you. Of course you could come out here some day as well, you know it is just as far to my house from yours as it is from yours to mine 😉

  4. Congrats! Will you call her Lizzy? ;o) We’re expecting a girl too!! I told my husband there’s no way I could possibly be pregnant again so I decided to pick a name using my husbands initials. Her name will be Jena Nicole.

    I like Elizabeth Joy is pretty… tell your husband Ella Elizabeth is pretty too. ;o)

    Good luck finding a name.

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