Abbye's picture of me readingAs of January 22, 2015 –

My name is Sarah, and I am 36.  My three brothers and I were raised by our wonderful dad and mom on a farm/ranch.  Then when farming wasn’t paying the bills, we moved and dad started over.  My dad became an electrician and now owns his own business.  My mom was not going to get married and was going to be a doctor.  Instead, she raised four perfect  😉  kids, kept dad’s business in order, and now is enjoying being a grandma!!!

I met my husband (Matt) in high school; we started dating my senior year.  On January 8, 2000, we got married.  Matt is in law enforcement.  I taught math for a couple years at the high school level.  Once we started to have kids, we chose for me to stay home to raise our children.  Now, we have 4 adorably wonderful yet ornery kids, Abbye who’s 11, Hannah 9,  Eva 8, and Neil who’s 5.  This has been a challenge financially, but a blessing in sooooooo many other ways!!  I’m also homeschooling them, which also adds it’s own challenges!  (Lord, I need some more energy and lots & lots of Your wisdom & patience! I need to know what is important for our family in this season. Amen.)

A few interests of mine are reading, coffee, hot tea, chocolate, waiting for my Love with Food box to arrive, movies & dates with Matt, and eating stove-popped popcorn (can’t stand the microwave kind) with the kids while playing games or watching a movie. We have recently fallen in love with couple Hallmark tv series – Signed, Sealed, Delivered and When Calls the Heart.

I am excited about what the future holds for our family!  I may have to remind myself that some days, however I know the Lord has always been with us and that He will always be with us, so I have nothing to fear!!

24 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,
    I have a quick question for you about your site. If you could please get back to me as soon as possible I would greatly appreciate it. Have a great day!


    Dan Gilbert
    Communications Coordinator
    Primrose Schools

  2. Hi Sarah-
    So I just now realized that when you commented on my blog weeks ago, I had relied back to the email it sent me thinking it would go to you and it obviously didn’t because I realized it was a “no reply” email address. I was wondering why you hadn’t emailed me back 😉 What is your email address? I can’t find it on here!!
    Talk to you soon..

  3. Hi Sarah.
    Nice to ‘meet you’ here on your about page. I didn’t see a link so, are you on FB &/or Twitter too? I see the HelloMornings link here…does that mean you are a HelloMornings Girl like me?
    May God continue to Bless you, your family and your blog. 😉
    Love Ya, Susie 🙂

    • Susie, glad you “found” me! I don’t have a link for FB, but am on it. Yes, I am a HelloMorning girl and loving it! 🙂 I think this is my 4th session.

      Thank you and you too!

  4. Sarah, this is Gerald from @righteoustales. I cannot respond to your direct msg there about your kids participating in our preview because you have not followed @righteoustales. Twitter will not let me respond to you unless you follow. Or, you can just write us at talktous “at” righteoustales “dot” com.


  5. Hi Sarah! I’m Heather and I wanted to know if you would be willing to answer a quick question about your blog! Please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com 🙂

  6. I am also 33 but do not have children … human ones, anyway. (= Just two doggies. I applaud you for homeschooling; I was homeschooled myself, and am a big fan! It’s not an easy task, and I thank God for parents who were brave enough to do it long term! God bless you, and thanks for the follow!

    • Welcome, Christa! I probably need to update my “About” since I’m a few years older now. But I do still have all my kiddos 🙂 Homeschooling is a huge blessing and adventure in which we need lots patience and prayers and wisdom!!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hey! My friend was telling me about your Manna2Go series from 2013. Any thoughts on doing that again? It sounds awesome—my friend went on and on— so I would be interested in participating.

  8. Sarah, are you still reviewing books? If you’re interested I could send you a pdf of my collection of short stories titled 20 Short Ones. Other reviewers have said it’s a quick and fun read. Just let me know! And thanks for considering!

  9. Hi Sarah! I just want to let you know I greatly appreciate your reviews! I’ve found them helpful when deciding which books to read. Thank you!

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