Miriam by Mesu Andrews

What an fascinating, intriguing historical fiction book! Not only do we dive into more of Miriam coverthe culture and political climate in this period of the Israelites’ history, but we also feel the possible emotions and relationships surrounding Miriam, a familiar and yet lesser know historical woman.

Miriam introduced herself as “old but of use. I am a slave, a midwife, a healer with herbs. This is what I do, but El Shaddai makes me who I am.” She is called a prophetess, but she sees herself as a messenger of El Shaddai who speaks to her in dreams and visions. He has been her whole world, He satisfies her heart, she seeks He’s wisdom as she treats the injured slaves and talks with those around her…

As we enter into Miriam’s world, the Israelites have been slaves for 400 years. That’s all they know…

Now Moses, her brother and former Egyptain prince, comes back with news from Yahweh, El Shaddai’s newly revealed name, that freedom is coming for the Israelites. However, the freedom won’t come immediately or without pain. Miriam feels left out and unneeded. Will she learn to trust this El Shaddai and His gifts of love or give in to anger and bitterness?

“Based only on the first three plagues—before the distinction between Egypt and Goshen was made, when there was no clean water, frogs were hopping, gnats were biting—what would you have thought of Yahweh’s nature? Would you have trusted Him, or would you have feared such a God? Only after His fierce majesty was displayed did Yahweh show His great love the the Israelites. That’s what we find in the Bible we hold in our hands today. Only after we see God’ fierce holiness through the Old Testament Law can we fully appreciate Jesus’s great love through grace in the New Testament.

It is my prayer that you, dear reader, will come to know Yahweh—intimately, personally, and fully—and become as Miriam was, captivated by a God you can’t understand that will do things you know are impossible.” —from the Author’s Note

Miriam is the second book in Mesu Andrews’s A Treasures of the Nile Novels. The first was The Pharaoh’s Daughter. I haven’t read it and didn’t feel like I was missing anything. However, I’m sure you will meet some of the historical characters, including Miriam in that first book. If it’s as well written as this one, I would recommend both!

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**Disclosure: I received a free copy of Miriam from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. THEN the book was stolen! Yes, there is a real life “book thief” that thought this book looked good enough to take! I think that’s a huge recommendation in itself!! I contacted Blogging for Books, and they kindly sent me another copy to finish reading! Thank you, Blogging for Books 🙂

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