Not the Time

During pregnancy is not the time to watch sad movies, listen to sad stories, or hear sad songs.  Even if I’ve seen or heard them before, I cry and cry and cry!  I feel sorry for the people involved.  Also, I just think how I would feel to be in those situations.

Let’s think happy thoughts!!  =)

2 thoughts on “Not the Time

  1. I’m not even pregnant and I still cry at the same old sad movies over and over again! It is our right as women!

    I was a crying mess while I was watching Irv’s funeral on Everwood last night!

  2. Just a warning then, don’t read chicken soup for the expectant mothers soul! I read that when I was pregnant with my first and I got so choked up that my husband had to finish reading some of the stories to me! I’m definitely the same way… all my emotions seem worse.

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