American Idol?

I am trying to decide whether or not to watch American Idol this season…

To start with, I believe they began with a good balance of judges in Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.  Randy was the mellow soul between an emotional Paula and a harsh Simon!  Then Kara DioGuardi came -I don’t think she added any thing to the show, Paula left -she was missed, and then Ellen DeGeneres came -she’s funny, but isn’t this show suppose to be about singing?!  Randy is sticking around… Thanks, Dog!!  But now since SIMON is no more, I’m not sure I’m as interested.  (For more AI thoughts from the past check out America, Remember It’s About the Singing! and I’m proud of you, Taylor! There may be others, but I haven’t always made sure to categorize each post.)  As I mentioned, he could be harsh, but he was also the most honest.  My husband and I tended to agree with Simon most of the time.  There were other times that he was dead wrong.  A good example is his non-singing related comments about people, like Mandisa.  However, she amazed everyone by saying,  “what I want to say to you is that, yes, you hurt me and I cried and it was painful, it really was.  But I want you to know that I’ve forgiven you and that you don’t need someone to apologize in order to forgive somebody.  I figure that if Jesus could die so that all of my wrongs could be forgiven, I can certainly extend that same grace to you.”  [You get to see a little of that in the first part of this YouTube Video] Amen, Sister!!  Simon apologized immediately.

Anyway, I guess what I’m wondering is do you think Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are going to be the right fit for the show?  So, are you going to watch?  Why or why no?

America, Remember It’s About the Singing!

I was wondering…

In a singing competition like American Idol, do people vote for a contestant just because they identify with or like him or her? 

It’s happened before in Season 1.  The finally two should have been Tamyra Gray and Kelly Clarkson.  Now that would have been an awesome competition!  Justin Guarini didn’t have a chance!

I believe it also happened in Season 2.  Clay Aiken should have trumped over Ruben Studdard.  It was extremely hard to get through to vote for Clay, but the call went straight through for Ruben?!  Was there some guilt hanging around because Tamyra Gray was voted off too early?  OK, I know that the “big conspiracy theory” is not likely!  =)  Ruben winning didn’t help Tamyra at all!  But I do think there was an error.  Maybe it was with the phone lines, because after that season there were more than one phone number assigned to the contestants in the finale.

In Season 3, Jennifer Hudson would have been more competition to Fantasia Barrino in the finale.  

Concerning Season 4, I think Taylor Hicks won more on personality.  Don’t get me wrong; I think he’s talented too.  I definitely like his character as I wrote in I’m proud of you, Taylor!  However, Chris Daughtry should of been in the top two, if not the winner.  I was so glad that Ace Young and Kellie Pickler were not in the top two!  I think they lasted longer based on looks and personality than talent.  

With Season 5 I don’t have any major complaints.  As Simon predicted, Carrie Underwood has done very well. 

On in Season 6, it’s happening again with Sanjaya Malakar.  Three times someone has been voted off when he should have gone home.  As a person, I really like Sanjaya.  I think he seems very warm and friendly, very real and open.  I loved the closeness between him and his sister.  (It reminded me of my youngest brother, David, and I.  I miss you, David!)  I honestly wanted him to do well too, but he has proven that he can’t hang with the rest.  So, he must go!! 

I think the two in the finale will be two of these three: Jordin Sparks, Lakisha Jones, and Melinda Doolittle.    

What are your thoughts?

I’m proud of you, Taylor!

As most of you know, Taylor Hicks won American Idol last night.

However, there is something else that I want to share.  Taylor was singing “In The Ghetto” with Toni Braxton about another baby being born in the ghetto.  And she tired to get him to bump and grind!!  How inappropriate!  As I was watching, I thought that she looked like she was moving in on Taylor!  Then, in a totally embarrassing and totally obvious move, she grabbed his hand, placed it on her hip, and started to move her hind quarters in to his front side!!  BUT, Taylor chose not to join her!!!  At the end of the song, he gave her a hug as if to say, “Nothing personal.”

Actually, that was my favorite part of the show.  Here is this Diva – Toni Braxton – being shot down by someone who is very, very new to the entertainment business!  How many times has that happened to her?!

I thought Taylor was very classy!  Thanks, Taylor, for not choosing to trash a show that is considered to be a “family show”!!  (I won’t go in to Prince’s choice of song!)

March 13, 2006 – Entertainment Update

Abbye’s watching Jungle Book right now.  At one of our movie stores, Total Entertainment, when you rent a new release you get a kids’ movie for free.  It’s pretty nice for people with kids or people who just like kids’ movies!!

Book – Amy, I’ll keep your suggestions in mind.  I have several books in my collection that I haven’t read yet, so I was trying to decided on which one to read.  Our book club is reading Waking the Dead by John Elgredge. I started The Most Important Place on Earth by Robert Wolgemuth and The Gifted by Terri Blackstock.  Well, I don’t normally read more than one book at a time, since I don’t have that much time.  So, hopefully I don’t get things mixed up!!  =)

MovieThe Visitation – Frank Peretti’s book made in to a movie… If anyone has read the book and watched the movie, I would like to know what you thought.  Personally, I thought the book was much better.  But isn’t that pretty normal…movies just can not do the books they represent justice!!




TV Show – American Idol

Game – Scrabble

Music – Matt Redman’s Where Angels Fear to Tread

Feb. 2, 2006 – Entertainment Update

    • What book am I reading? — With This Ring, I’m Confused by Kristin Billerbeck, which is the third and last book in Kristin’s “Ashley Stockingdale” Series.  The other two books are What a Girl Wants and She’s Out of Control.  I planned on saying what I thought about the book, but them I found this quote from Jane Orcutt (author of Dear Baby Girl) that fits just perfectly: “Reading an Ashley Stockingdale novel is like eating a quart of my favorite ice cream and then discovering it was actually good for me.”  =)
    • What am I listening to? — Silence, since both girls are napping!  But if we’re talking about music, then it’s Third Day’s Wherever You Are cd and Barlow Girl’s self titled cd.  I’m a very big fan of Third Day, so I pretty much have enjoyed everything they’ve put out!  When something new comes out from them, it’s a must buy!  When they’re in concert, it’s a must go!  And when my Third Day shirt got stained, it’s a sad day!  Just kidding… I’ll wait for them to come back in concert so I can get another!  The Barlow Girl’s songs are awesome.  I would recommend it to anyone, especially young girls and teenage girls.  They need role models that even wear clothes in the music industry who not only can actually sing, but they play the instruments in the band!  Wow…They’ve got brains, talent, and morals!  That’s impressive!!
    • What was the last movie I watched? — Meet the Browns, which is actually a play by Tyler Perry.  (He did Diary of a Mad, Black Woman, and he also played three characters.  His main one is Madea.)  We’ve watched all of his plays and Diary of a Mad, Black Woman, which was his first movie.  They are so funny with so many lesson to learn and great music.  I recommend everything by Tyler Perry, but to be honest, I didn’t think Meet the Browns was as good as Tyler Perry’s other works.  Matt, my husband, said it was because Madea wasn’t in it!!
    • What was the last TV show I watched? — American Idol!  I watched the first two seasons, but I was very suspicious of the show trying to be politically correct when Clay Aiken didn’t win.  His phone line to vote for the finale was always busy, and Ruben Studdard’s wasn’t ever busy.  Ruben was in the bottom two during the competition, while Clay never was.  There are several other things I could list, but I’ll just get to the point!  Now we usually at least watch the first part, because Matt really enjoys the people who think they are great singers, but they stink!!  Last year we knew some one who got through to Hollywood, so we watched a little more of it.  Actually, Matt and I picked who we thought would end up winning.  He was wrong, but I picked Carrie Underwood!  You’re impress, huh!?!
    • What was the last game I played? — Candy Land with Abbye and Matt!!  =)