**Editted**Finishing my second trimester!!…

I started my sixth months and my week 21 of my pregnancy.  I am on day 141 and have 125 days to go! 

“The bones of the middle ear (the three smallest bones in the human body: the hammer, the anvil, and the stirrup) are beginning to harden to make sound conduction possible.”  (from the The Pregnancy Journal by A. Christine Harris, Ph. D.)

4 thoughts on “**Editted**Finishing my second trimester!!…

  1. Sarah, I’m not trying to be a pest, honestly, but pregnancy is kind of a hobby of mine, having had three children in four years. I’m a pregnancy and birth junkie. So. Feel free to delete my comment(s) if you’re finding me bothersome. I don’t mind. But if I see a bit of misinformation I’m going to try to clear it up.

    If you are in your third trimester at 21 weeks, then that last trimester is almost half of your pregnancy, not a third.

    First trimester: first, second, third month weeks 1 – 12
    Second trimester: fourth, fifth, sixth month weeks 13 – 26
    Third trimester: seventh, eighth, ninth month weeks 27 – 40

    Of course it doesn’t really matter what labels we arbitrarily slap onto the process of pregnancy — your baby is growing and developing, and he or she will most likely born somewhere between 38 and 42 weeks. Why in the world do we divide a pregnancy into trimesters anyway?

    Best wishes,

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