Pregnancy Update

Today is November 11, 2006, which is day 229 of my pregnancy.  I have 37 days to go until the due date!  Wow!  Eva and I are moving right along!!  (Remember Eva, you can come out early!  I’m thinking December 9th would be great!)

“The baby almost always settles it the mother’s pelvis in a head-down position, because the head is the heaviest part of a body and is better accommodated in the bottom contour of the uterus than in the top.”  The Pregnancy Journal by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

That is actually under yesterday’s date, but it was more interesting than what was under today’s!

I hope and pray that you all will have a wonderful Thanksgiving time enoying family and friends.  Take this time to reflect on what the Lord has done in your life this year and GIVE THANKS!! 

(I’ve got 4 homemade pumpkin pies and 2 fruit salads to make tomorrow for Thanksgiving, so I probably won’t have time to post anything more until after the holiday weekend!  But it’s not like I’ve been that regular anyway!!)

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