Does Everything in My Life Have to be Planned!

Yes, …I plan, I schedule, I organize…(Well, now that I’m a mom it’s harder!!)

Abbye was planned!  I was teaching math at the local high school, and I owed that school district five years of teaching.  Since I was teaching summer schools also, I would only have to reimburse them for one year, if I stopped teaching after Summer School 2003.  So, we decided that we could start trying to have a child in December 2002.  By the beginning of January 2003, we knew were expecting!  I was able to finish out the year and teach summer school before Abbye was before in September.  It worked out perfectly!!  My mom laughed and said something like, “Sarah, normally you can’t plan everything and it work out just right!”

However, Hannah wasn’t planned.  Matt and I were excited to be expecting again.  Perhaps, it’s because I had a miscarriage a couple months earlier.  I wasn’t sure how to deal with the miscarriage.  I was the only one who heard the baby’s heart beat and saw the baby on the first and only sonogram.  I kind of felt like no one else really knew the baby like I did.  Joanna, a friend of mine, reminded me that the baby was a life that didn’t need to just be gotten over.  Grieving the loss was understood and needed.  David, my brother, encouraged me to give the baby a name.  So, Matt and I chose “Christian” since it’s a name that could be for a boy or girl.  Now, on Christian’s due date, January 25, I plan to celebrate life.  I want to pray for the women and their husbands who are having difficulty having a baby.  I pray that they will find peace in whatever happens, whether they are able to conceive or they choose to adopt.  I also want to pray for the women and men who are expecting and don’t want to be.  I pray that they will chose to give their child life and not abort them, to chose to allow another couple to make that child theirs.  All children are wanted.  We have a lot of couples that desire to adopt.  If all the children were allowed to live, then in the definition of supply and demand the cost of adopting would go down because there would be more babies available.  Since cost is a major concern in adopting, that would allow more couples to adopt!!

Well, this wasn’t all planned!  This post definitely took a different direction than was originally planned!  So, that answers my question…No, everything in my life doesn’t have to be planned!!

I hope you have a blessed day… no matter whether everything goes as you planned or not!!!  😉

One thought on “Does Everything in My Life Have to be Planned!

  1. So this post wasn’t planned? [Well, maybe just not planned by you.]

    I on the other hand have been planning on writing a post about miscarriage and haven’t gotten the time yet.

    The topic of pregnancy loss keeps coming up this week. I stumbled upon this song a few days ago:

    Glory Baby by Watermark

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