Here’s a cartoon for you to ponder…

Interesting comparisions - cartoon.jpgWell, I'm still trying to figure out how to show pictures on here.  Above the man it says "This is a man who got a woman pregnant and decided not to be a father."  Below him it says, "He's selfish, inhumane, a deadbeat dad."  Then above the woman it says, "This is a woman who got pregnant and decided not to be a mother."  Below her it says, "She's pro-choice."

Interesting comparison, huh?!

2 thoughts on “Here’s a cartoon for you to ponder…

  1. Brings to mind a recent post on the Dilbert blog. Scot Adams invited his readers to ask him any burning questions they may have for him, and he’d try his best to answer. A couple of which were:

    Q. What’s your opinion on abortion?
    A. It’s bad for the fetus. It’s convenient for the adult who wants one. Arguing about when “life begins” is an attempt to offload a tough question on the dictionary or the courts or a superstition. I support the majority opinion in favor of keeping abortion legal. I value the quality of life for adults higher than the unrealized life of a fetus. And I trust the majority (the mob) to figure out the most realistic place to draw that line.

    Q. What about men’s rights on abortion.
    A. The woman’s rights have to be a higher priority.

    Scott isn’t just a wicked cartoonist, he’s a wicked blogger 😉

    Thanks for sharing your cartoon, it was thought-provoking and I like that.

  2. Thank you for your comments. However, it isn’t true that abortions are “convenient” as some people think they are. The women (and men and family) who have used this procedure suffer after it, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. This info is not shared with women who are considering having an abortion. Also, abortion was legalized not by “the majority” but by a few judges!

    Concerning the men, they don’t have a choice at all. If the mother chooses to have the baby, the father must provide. However, if the father want to keep the baby and the mother wants to end the baby’s life, well…his opinion doesn’t count!

    One more thought… I find it interesting that the pro-abortion movement say they are so concerned about women and that is why they wanted abortion legalized. However, now they fight against any requirements! Places that do tattoos and piercing have to follow more health codes and other requirements than place that do abortions!!

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