Stumbling into Grace Journal Entry 2-Liberty

So, today I’ve been thinking about areas in my life where I need more liberty, Jesus, and…

I tend to be more of a rule-follower than a rule-breaker, which works well as a daughter, a student, on the job, and in life in general. Rules, for the most part, make sense to me. As I thought more about it, another reason that I tend to follow the rules became clear-I want to “look right.”

However, Jesus, I want to be liberated to really love You with my whole life. What I do or don’t do may not change, but the “why”s need to be full of passion and commitment.  I don’t want to do my devotion or go to church or not cheat on my taxes just to check it off my “good girl” list!

So if the Son liberated you [makes you free], then you are really and unquestionably free. –John 8:36

I AM FREE!! Are you?

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