Willie’s Redneck Time Machine by John Luke Robertson and Travis Thrasher

I sat down with my kids one morning — planning to read just some of Willie’s Redneck Time Machine. However, we ended up laughing our way Willie’s Redneck Time Machine book coverthrough SIX different stories before I decided we better get something else done! :)

I’m hoping that this book, which is the first book in a new choose-your-own-adventure series called Be Your Own Duck Commander, will catch the interest of my reluctant reader to read on her own. She really loved the choices and the adventures!!

In this book you (as Willie) discover an out-house which is actually a time machine in the Duck Commander warehouse. However, it might take you a while to figure that out, because you’re sure your brother Jase is playing a joke on you! Then…depending on your choices…you…well, I don’t want to give too much away, but John Luke is always involved!

We are really looking forward to the rest of the series: Phil & the Ghost of Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, Sin in Space, and Jase & the Deadliest Hunt!

Enjoy the adventure!!!

P.S. I loved these growing up! :)

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers. It was not required that I give a positive review, but to solely express my own thoughts and opinions.

Raegan and RJ in Space: Raegan and RJ Save the Day by Richard Collins

**2014 Pinnacle Graphic Novel Book Award Winner** I wanted to try this series, because it was recommended. This is my kids first comic series to Raegan and RJ in Space- Raegan and RJ Save the Day book covertry and

… My kids love this and want more!

Raegan and RJ are a sister and brother in the CSS Faith crew. They are training with their family to be colonists in a new world called Alpha Centauri. Now there is a new family stuck on the moon. What will happen next?

Personally, I thought it was just ok — slow with not that much actually involved in the story… However, since it’s written and illustrated for them, I suppose we will continue the adventure. :)

As you start reading throughout the Raegan and RJ in Space, don’t forget to check out the website http://www.raeganandrjinspace.com for a free download story, a free video game, and more.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookCrash. It was not required that I give a positive review, but to solely express my own thoughts and opinions.

Riley Mae and the Sole Fire Safari by Jill Osborne

We (my girls AND I!) were looking forward to #3 of The Good News Shoes series. Riley Mae and the Sole Fire Safari did not Riley Mae and the Sole Fire Safari book coverdisappoint!

Riley Mae continues as a Swiftriver shoe model while….the mystery/drama continues (that started in book #1) and they are all escaping a bad guy or two! So, now they are heading with most of Sunday’s family (while he stays back to continue his battle with leukemia) to his remote village in Kenya.

Riley faces more danger and challenges, but has a truly amazing experience! This trip stretches and strengthens her physically as she is surprised how much work it is just to help with chores or to get to school (the cast on her arm doesn’t help either!). She also grows as a follower of Christ. She even wakes up at 4:45 a.m. (though not with much excitement at first!) to join the women of the village in their morning prayer meeting. Riley matures, develops a better understanding of contentment, a new appreciation of family, and even has a new purpose as she follows God’s leading.


Disclosure: I received a copy of this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review.

Here are my reviews for the first two books of this series:



Making Marion by Beth Moran

Making Marion by Beth Moran

I’m having a hard time writing this review for Making Marion because I had mixed feelings while reading it…Making Marion book cover

On the positive side, the story was much deeper than I thought it would be. In between the cartoon-like cover art and the subtitle “Where’s Robin Hood when you need him?”, I expected it to be warm and fuzzy, filled with lighthearted moments! (Everyone needs a fun, “summer” now and then, right!?) While Making Marion had some of those, but it also was hard, emotional, awkward, and real. (Thank you, Beth Moran!!) It was a little slow getting into, but I ended up really enjoying the story and getting to know the characters. :)

On the negative side, I was disappointed about the language. As a woman and mom of 3 girls, I really don’t want to recommend books that throw around the “b-word” (yes, I’m talking about the Old English word with the original meaning of “female dog”). It wasn’t overbearing, but it also wasn’t necessary to an otherwise very good story.

I wouldn’t mind checking out more books from Beth Moran, but I would be very hesitant if she can’t choose better words! :(

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Cloak of the Light by Chuck Black

As I was reading Cloak of the Light, at first I thought “When is the action going to start?”. Then I looked closer at the cover and Cloak of the Light book coverrealized that it wasn’t a stand alone book (silly me!!) but the first book of the Wars of the Realm series! 

And what an awesome start is was…with well developed characters, an interesting story that opened up a mysterious unseen world of invaders, and YES even battles …I was hooked (and I got this book for my husband). I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the series! We are also planning to check out more from the author Chuck Black, because, Yes, I was that impressed with my first book of his!!

I really appreciate the author’s note and the readers guide at the end of the book. “The Readers Guide explains the biblical framework from which much of the speculation for the novel is derived. I hope you find it informative and helpful in your own investigation of understanding spiritual warfare.” 

As a mom deep in the seemingly mundane, repetitive tasks of parenting and educating our children, I appreciated this book not only as a great read but also as a needed reminder and encouragement of what is important in this life! Thank you, Chuck Black. :)

For more info check these out:

**I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for an honest review.

Snap Decision by Nathan Whitaker

In only 8th grade, Chase is faced with a big decision. He is finishing his season as the JV quarterback, while possibly getting aSnap Decision book cover chance to play with the varsity football team and of course staying up with his classes. However, his choice deals with being truthful when it’s not popular…with his best friend. 

My daughter actually picked this book for me to review. She wanted to read a book about football “since Daddy loves it”. She thought that it would be fun! Also, we have a young son who’ll enjoy it in a few more years. :)

Snap Decision is the first book in Nathan Whitaker’s Game Face series. It is definitely a book that will encourage kids to make the hard choices that aren’t popular but are needed! There needs to be more books that call our youngsters to live their faith day in and day out. However, the actual story was just ok. I felt like it was a little choppy and slow. But I do have hopes that the story (since fiction is new for Whitaker) will improve. I do love the role models and father figures that are in Chase’s live, especially since his parents are divorced and his dad isn’t involved.

This is a series with potential. :)

I received a free copy of this book from BookLook in exchange for my review. I was not required to write a positive review.

The Knight and the Firefly: a boy, a bug, and a lesson in bravery

by Tara McClary Reeves and Amanda Jenkins, illustrated by Daniel FernandezThe Knight and the Firefly book cover

The Knight and the Firefly was so needed in my family right now! One of my kids is similar to this story’s little boy, Oliver, — with the questions and worries that ONLY show up AT NIGHT! Reading this story together was a wonderful way to allow this child to hear the truths repeated that we’ve already shared. Thank so very much, Tara McClary Reeves and Amanda Jenkins, for backing us parents up!!

What a well written book with lessons from Psalm 91:1-2 “The one who lives under the protection of the Most Hight dwells in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the LORD, ‘My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.’” The illustrations are supper cute and colorful!! I love the bravery of Oliver and the honesty of his millions of questions at night. :) There is also a bonus feature called “Parent Connection” at the end. It allows the parents and kids to dig a little deeper and apply the truth’s of God’s Word that were presented in the book. Excellent addition!!

May this book be an encouragement to your kids and a reminder of God’s faithfulness all the time! 

I received this book for free from B&H Publishing Group in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion.

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