Write to Your Dream Reader

Today’s Blogging 101 Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

My dream reader is someone in need of encouragement… A Christian sister or brother, a bored stranger, a homeschooling mom, a reader looking for their next book… I’m not really that picky!

Today I’m thinking about Priorities. Since I need encouragement is that area, someone else may too.

As I searched through the blog posts with a tag of “priorities” (which I leaned more about in Assignment 3. You are impressed that I’m using what I’m learning, yes?!), I found other bloggers were focusing on it as well.

  • 101 Ways to Cook Rice and Beans wrote a short but a great post titled Priorities on “Wordy Wednesday” (I’ll have to check that out later). I really appreciate how he focuses us on the reality of the battle involving our priorities…”Your priorities are at war. I’m talking bombs blowing up, soldiers screaming, helicopter just crashed into a barn creating in an plume of flames kind of war.”
  • The Mama Hayes Blog also has a post called Priorities. She shares that “I’m really starting to think I need to quit some stuff and get back to what’s important and focus on my relationship with God.” I love the song she directs us to, which is Francesca Battistelli’s song When the Crazy Kicks In 
  • Living Royalty shares a song too with the tag “priorities”. The post and song are both of the same name Jesus at the Center. Here’s the same video she posted from Darlene Zschech 
  • Becoming His Butterfly‘s prayer reminds me of the heart cry I’ve heard echoed from many other bloggers.

    Lord, may we remember you, even in our most stressful of circumstances, in the demands of our ambitions, in the eventualities that tug us down. Let us slooow down and savor you. Amen.

  • Pictures of Silver encourages us in her post I Don’t Have Time. “We all have our reasons of why we don’t do things, but so many of us are just ‘too busy.’  We can be so busy doing ‘good’ things that we don’t notice those around us who may just need an encouraging word or an invitation for dinner. ..So what are you filling your schedule with?  Are they things that you feel the Lord is calling you to do, or are they things that you feel compelled to do?  …this time has been so good for us to stop and think about what we should be filling our time with. …as the new year just started, what are you busy doing?  How can you allow the Lord to lead you this year to encourage and minister to others?  How can you stop and be still this year to allow the Lord to work in your own life?”
  • I think…shares his views on Establishing Priorities. “No matter what comes out of our mouth, what we do with our bodies will tell the world what our priorities truly are.  The first 30 minutes of the day are crucial to lay down what matters most to you.”

Those are all great words of conviction and encouragement. Thanks, fellow bloggers! Now on to action — on my part!

In the big picture, my priorities are

  1. God – my Lord and Savior
  2. Matt – my husband
  3. Abbye, Hannah, Eva, and Neil – our kids
  4. Their education
  5. Friends – Extended family, church family, and close friends

Those are the easier ones to set. However, it’s the little everyday ones that seem harder. What school curriculum do we need to use?… How can I fit everything in?… What extra curricular activities will encourage growth in our kids’ gifts and talents?… How to protect our family time?…

Ok. I’ve got to close this assignment and really do some planning, offline. God bless 🙂

It’s Just Me,



For Assignment 4, I wrote to my “dream” reader, which is you, of course! New elements include links to other blogs, specific posts, youtube videos, a couple kinds of lists, and a few different colors of texts thrown in for fun. Actually none of these are totally new for me, but I wasn’t sure what else to add.


Here’s posts for my previous assignments –

1: Introduce Yourself, 2: Say Your Name, and 3: Say Hello to the Neighbors.

3 thoughts on “Write to Your Dream Reader

  1. Good piece! I am honored to be included here. My blog is still in its babyhood, but the one thing I know I am striving for is to keep my focus on the Lord’s agenda. When our priorities are set on Him, pieces fall into place so much better, as I have learned through many a crash and burn!:) Love your blog name, btw. I have a daughter named Sarah!

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