Blogging 101 Assignment 2: Say Your Name.

Blogging 101 continues with the assignment of “edit your title and tagline“.

My title and tagline started as “It’s Just Me: My thoughts and happenings of the day…” and hasn’t changed in the 9 years life of my blog.

“It’s Just Me” was NOT chosen as a statement of low self-esteem, or a “poor me” attitude, or anything like that. It’s more like calling up a good friend and saying “Hey, it’s just me. Here’s what’s going on in my life… What’s happening with you?”. Since I started it for a friend to read who was having an issue with insomnia, I wasn’t planning on blogging about anything mind blowing or earth shattering, but real life and thoughts, more specifically my life and thoughts – messy but beautiful, overwhelming but blessing, …. I’m sure you get the idea. Therefore, after thinking and writing through my thoughts, my title stays unchanged. I like it!

Now on to the tagline of “My thoughts and happenings of the day…” Looking back at it I first notice that it’s not exciting, catchy, or unique. If you don’t know me, then you probably wouldn’t stick around to read more of “my thoughts and happening of the day”, right?!

I really didn’t spend any time thinking about or developing my tagline when I started the blog. I knew I wanted a blog about anything and everything. This of course would include my kids, but I’m knew I wasn’t going to be a “mommy-blogger”. (I started one of those before this one and ended up with family drama, so I deleted it!) As I look back over my posts, some of these fall under the “my thoughts and happening of the day” generalization. However, as I mentioned in my last post the focus in the past several years have been reviews, mainly over books but with some reviews of movies and audio dramas. (However, I plan to adjust that and also to write more on that later.)

Yes, I now realize I need to change my tagline. I don’t have anything right now, but I’m going to set this to publish in two days (I ended up publishing it a day earlier). That gives me a specific goal to work towards as I brainstorm and hopefully come up with something. I guess you’ll just have to check the tagline to see if it’s changed! 😉

It’s Just Me,


Here’s my Assignment 1, if you want to let me introduce myself. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Assignment 2: Say Your Name.

  1. In editting my tagline, I found that this blog theme does not actually show a tagline! I had to add it to the title. I guess I’ll have to check out a new theme.

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