Snap Decision by Nathan Whitaker

In only 8th grade, Chase is faced with a big decision. He is finishing his season as the JV quarterback, while possibly getting aSnap Decision book cover chance to play with the varsity football team and of course staying up with his classes. However, his choice deals with being truthful when it’s not popular…with his best friend. 

My daughter actually picked this book for me to review. She wanted to read a book about football “since Daddy loves it”. She thought that it would be fun! Also, we have a young son who’ll enjoy it in a few more years. 🙂

Snap Decision is the first book in Nathan Whitaker’s Game Face series. It is definitely a book that will encourage kids to make the hard choices that aren’t popular but are needed! There needs to be more books that call our youngsters to live their faith day in and day out. However, the actual story was just ok. I felt like it was a little choppy and slow. But I do have hopes that the story (since fiction is new for Whitaker) will improve. I do love the role models and father figures that are in Chase’s live, especially since his parents are divorced and his dad isn’t involved.

This is a series with potential. 🙂

I received a free copy of this book from BookLook in exchange for my review. I was not required to write a positive review.

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