The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate

Tandi, a single mom with two kids, is untrusting and broke yet trying to figure out how to truly live. She ends up at Hatteras Island – the only place ofThe Prayer Box book cover which she has any good memories. How does she earn a living in a small community rebuilding after a recent hurricane? More importantly, is it possible to repair the damage done to her relationships with kids, especially her daughter, because of the years of neglect, drug abuse and prioritizing relationships with controlling men over them? She is able to rent a small cottage from Iola, a 91 years old lady who then dies alone in her Victorian house. There is some dislike toward Iola from the other residents of the Hatteras Island, so Tandi ends up with the job of cleaning up the large house. She is glad to have a job, but totally unprepared for what she finds – Iola’s prayer boxes. These collection of prayers – this written conversation through Iola’s life and cries of her heart to her Father – opens up the mysteries surrounding Iola. Tandi’s walls around her heart are slowly chipped away as she consumes these prayers. She then is needed to reveal how much Iola was truly a part of this community and a blessing to so many.

The Prayer Box is beautifully written by Lisa Wingate. The characters were real and honest – some I just wanted to envelop in a big hug, while others just needed a kick in the rump, but that’s life, right!?! The setting and the recent hurricane added their own challenges and benefits to the story.

It is a book that touched my heart, and I know will touch yours.

(I read The Sea Glass Sisters: Novella Prelude to The Prayer Box. It was fun to see more back stories of some of the characters, but it is not necessary to understand The Prayer Box.)

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of The Prayer Box from Tyndale House Publishers. It was not required that I give a positive review, but to solely express my own thoughts and opinions.

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