The Reichenbach Problem by Martin Allison Booth

The Reichenbach Problem is the first book in the Reichenbach Trilogy. Martin Allison Booth spins a fictional tale of Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes’s The Reichenbach Problem book covercreator. Doyle is overwhelmed by the changes that have occurred in his life due to the fame of his Holmes mysteries. Therefore he is now seeking peace in the mountains of Switzerland. However, that will not be! Instead, a death occurs, Doyle is basically forced into investigating, and then it seems like everything that could go wrong does for him!

We are introduced at the beginning of the book to Richard Holloway, who became a sort of leach to Doyle. He is an odd character that just seemed to rub me the wrong way. Honestly, I actually hoped he might be on the receiving end of this murder mystery, but he stayed full of life!! And yet he never gained any of my sympathy! Now Father Vernon was my favorite character in this book. He provided a balance to the craziness of the death, the other characters, and events, like a séance. He also gave so much effort, as in possible self-sacrificial, to help a stranger.

I was excited to start this series – my family is definitely mystery fans! However, I found it very slow in action until the last maybe 1/3 of the book. And what was lacking in action was made up for how much we heard from Doyle – in thoughts and words. Also, there seemed to be so much going on with all the characters that I found it hard to remember who was who. It just seemed like there was so much people drama that was pointless to the story (or at least to the story that was advertised on the back). In addition, there was an issue with a man’s sexuality that came out in the open during the story and caused a family problem that went throughout the book. (The way that Doyle figured out this was much too random?!) I wasn’t expecting this issue handled this way in a book that is published by a Christian publisher.

I don’t know?!… I find it very unpleasant to be so hard on any person’s creation. However, I do want to be honest, because that is what is required of a book reviewer or actually any reader because we invest our time, which is precious and limited, in each book we choose to read. I don’t plan to continue reading this series.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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