Defending the Faith: Apologetics in Women’s Ministry by Mary Jo Sharp

Defending the Faith is a challenge from Mary Jo Sharp for you and me personally — “You are the Christian warriors who are missing-in-action on the battlefield ofDefending the Faith- Apologetics in Women's Ministry book cover ideology” (pg. 16)

…but also specifically for the women’ ministries in the church, the body of Christ — “In this book, I am prosing a new approach to women’s ministries that addresses the basic need of women to know the truth about God and thus to trust Him: the study of apologetics specifically for women so that they can learn the truth about God, believe in Him and live our their faith through their actions.” (pg. 41)  Because “we will only live out genuine faith when we truly believe in God. We will only truly believe in God when we know Him. We will only know Him as we intellectually engage at a deeper level the issues of His existence.” (pg. 43 – However, I changed and emphasized some of the pronouns to make this quote more personal.)

There is so much that is encouraging, inspiring, and informative in the chapters of this little book.

  1. Reasons for knowing why you believe in God
  2. How your beliefs affect your life
  3. How your beliefs affect others
  4. What you can do right now
  5. What you can do in women’s ministries
  6. The importance of a woman’s testimony

Also there is a resources section at the end with suggested apologetics material from books to web sites. I partially like how under “Learning a Defense of the Christian Faith” she has the books divided in beginning, intermediate and advance. With that, we all can start where we are in our apologetics reading and grow from there, instead of picking up one random book that may intimidate us to quit!

Sharp starts with what I believe to be a much needed reminder: “It was important for me to understand that God does not mind our questions. The stubborn, hardened heart that is unwilling to consider God is the one rebuked in Scripture–not the heart that questions.” (pg. 14) She ends with “Ultimately, my reasoning for apologetics study is…because I desire to give God whatever glory I am able to with this life of mine.” (pg. 132) Now you need to get the book to read all the in-between!

Reading Defending the Faith was an “accident”: meaning I actually didn’t read the full title when I picked up, so I started reading it thinking it was an apologetics book. I felt like the ladies on page 62: I already see I need for apologetics and wanted more!! However, I’m glad I “accidentally” got this book – with a heart toward Christ and apologetics and perhaps God has a purpose for me now having this information also! 🙂

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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