Roots for the Journey CD Review and **Giveaway**

Our family loves good, Christian music, and we listen to all kinds. Yet we had never heard of Yancy and were excited for the introduction through Roots for the RootsForTheJourney-COVERJourney CD —Music centered on the eternal Word of God. We were even more surprised and pleased that there is an app that goes along as a family devotional. Yancy provides us parents this amazing tool that will help make God’s Truth not only come alive through her music, but also gives us activities to reenforce that the Word of God is be something to live and pass along.

Here’s what Yancy had to say about why she created Roots for the Journey CD and App (Yancy had family ministry friends help her make these Biblical truths come alive.):

“Taking key Scriptures and truths that I wanted to pass on to my son and making sure he knew and understood the direction and answers these Scriptures provide us was important to me. As I worked in the studio, I realized that with how the music was shaping up and the fact that the Bible is true, whether you’re an infant or a grown-up, these songs had more potential. Already, when I meet people in my life that are facing big mountains, fears, or needs for answers, I’ve been able to use these songs as a way to help strengthen their faith and help them meditate on what God’s Word says.”

The music got my kids up and moving and singing about Jesus! The app gave us a fun way to point out the Scripture Truths in the songs and how to walk in God’s way. I would definitely recommend Yancy’s music for ALL ages!!

The app is free; don’t miss it!!

“Roots for the Journey” app for iPhone

“Roots for the Journey” app for iPad

“Roots for the Journey” app for Android

AND the CD you can win by sharing about this giveaway and then leaving a comment. On Monday, July 1st, one person will be chosen randomly to win their very own copy of the “Roots for the Journey” CD!!!! 🙂

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