Poison by Jordyn Redwood – Blog Tour

Poison – book 2 of the Bloodline Trilogy – gets right in to the action and doesn’t stop! With a few twists on the way, you’ll enjoy the ride! 🙂 I definitely would suggestPoison book cover starting with the first book of the series, Proof. That may be obvious since it was written as a trilogy, however I don’t want anyone to miss the full story! Now I am looking forward to Peril, the finale of the Bloodline Trilogy.


In Poison, Keelyn is engaged and trying to move on from the horrible event of her past. However, her stepfather’s “hallucination” called Lucent shows up in the flesh! Now Keelyn is responsible for her niece and has no idea where her sister Raven is, while people keep dying who were associated with that fateful day. Also Lee, her finance, seems to be keeping secrets.


The author Jordyn Redwood has “specialized in critical care and emergency nursing for nearly two decades”. I thought that was an interesting piece of information given about the author, because if they’ve experience something, maybe they’ll bring the readers into the situation clearer or from an unique angle. Her story and action was great but I didn’t seem to “know” the characters…until towards the end, which is actually when secrets got told and hard choices where made… it could have been done on purpose. If so, that was an interesting way to write a story! But I still would like to know the characters and care about them and feel their emotions through the book.


Watch the Trailer

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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