Les Misérables (Radio Theatre)

Les Misérables by Victor Hugo brought to life by Focus Audio drama:Les Miserables (Radio Theatre) cover


After finishing this audio drama of Les Misérables, I am trying not to cry! I’m at my daughters’ dance class, so excuse me as I head to the bathroom to pull myself together…



Les Misérables is a powerful story of one extraordinary kindness that changes an man, the angry exconvict Jean Valjean. He then lives his live with all it’s shocking twists and turns in forgiveness, extending grace to others. It is an amazing story to which I am drawn. So, having the chance to to review Focus’s audio drama of Les Misérable is a wonderful opportunity. My family already has some experience with Focus’ audio productions through Adventures in Odyssey (we are HUGE fan of AIO!!) and their audio production of Narnia (that was amazing!!).


And I was not disappointed in this production. It’s not an unabridged reading of the book, which isn’t a surprise. All dramatic productions of Les Misérables, whether radio, theatre, or screen, have had to condense for time. However, the heart of this beautiful story is full and clear. The actors were excellent and very convincing as their characters. The music was beautiful and perfectly added, not to distract but to add to the emotions of the story. Through the sound effects I was pulled even more into the action. The only thing I would change is that I wasn’t able to listen to it all in one sitting. I definitely would recommend that as much as possible. And that is what I plan to do — re-listen to it without breaking it up.


What a wonderful way to introduce this classic to your family!


“To die is nothing, truly. The terrible thing is never to live.” -Jean Valjean


I received this audio drama free from Tyndale House Publishers. It was not required that I give a positive review, but to solely express my own thoughts and opinions.

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