No More Perfect Moms: Learning to Love Your Real Life by Jill Savage

Moms of all types in all seasons of life are dealing with unrealistic expectations or “The Perfect Infection” as Jill Savage calls it in her new book, No More Perfect

Moms. She gives “The Antidote” as taking off pride, fear, insecurity, and judgement and putting on humility, courage, confidence, and grace. Then very honestly she opens up about kids, body issues, marriage, friendship, day planning, houses, and homemaking. She shares the issues that moms deal with in these areas then encourages us and offers some practical tips. At the end of each chapter she shows how “The Antidote” will help us learn to embrace our beautiful, imperfect life. While she reminds us through out the book that we can’t be perfect and need to be careful with unrealistic expectations, she concludes the book


point us to the “One Perfect God”. God is perfect in love, strength, identity, hope, truth, and redemption AND He is offering His hand to us. Then we can be at peaces as “imperfect moms partnering with a perfect God”. What a wonderful way to end this book!


I have and will continue to highly recommended this book to my friends and I recommend it to you. We women need to learn how to love our real lives and that we are ok being imperfect. After you read this, I believe you will be able to sigh with relief as you realize that our lives need to be defined more by humility, courage, confidence and grace. We will not only be blessing ourselves, but our family and friends as we let go of our unrealistic expectations.


There are also more resources at the NoMorePerfectMoms website, including a leader’s guide and discussion videos.


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