Tangled Ashes by Michèle Phoenix

What an interesting mix of contemporary fiction with historical fiction all surrounding the Lamorlaye Castle and an equally intriguing set of characters! Tangled Ashes book cover


Becker specializes in historical renovations. He goes to France to work on the castle, but isn’t really excited about the arrangement. And he has some issues that he’s trying to work out- one is alcohol’s grip on his life. He and Thérèse, the interior designer and liaison for the project, don’t hit it off well, but she does her job well and that means he can focus on his. The new owner’s family is there often. Jade is the kids’ nanny and also cooks for the family. Becker is drawn to her and her story as he notices her health going down hill. Also, on the land in a long time squatter known as Jojo. No one really knows anything about him, but he basically came with the property.


But then there is the historical story of Marie and Elise. They agreed to work for the Nazi’s at the castle to help provide food for their families. At what cost?


Is there more that connects these two stories than just the setting? I will give you a hint: YES… But you’ll never guess how!


The author, Michèle Phoenix, does a wonderful job of creating both times and the characters from each. The story is creative, interesting and real. This is my first book from her, but I would love to read more. She has one coming out in May 2013 called In Broken Places. And I would highly recommend you – man, woman, older, younger – to check out Tangled Ashes.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Handlebar publishing. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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