Travelers Rest by Ann Tatlock

Travelers Rest is beautifully and tenderly written with several heartbreaking stories but… there is hope in the end. 


Jane is engaged to Seth, the man she has loved since childhood & a talented carpenter. His National Guard unit is then deployed to Iraq seven months later. He comes back broken in body and spirit, but she will not give up on him. Truman Rockaway, a veteran and retired doctor, helps out at the hospital. He is a great encouragement to Jane, and Jane is surprisingly able to help him settle a question of forgiveness in his past. Jon-Paul Pearcy is a lawyer who plays the piano at the hospital a few days a week. He is blind and tries to give hope to both Seth and Jane that adjustments can be made and life (though different) can go on. Oh, and I have to introduce you to Hoboken and Sausalito – they are the comic relief of this novel! These are nicknames for two cousins from Uganda who are working part-time at the hospital while they go to nursing school. You will really enjoy them!


Travelers Rest is my second book of Ann Tatlock that’s I’ve read, but my favorite so far. The way she writes just draws you in and allows you to really see settings and feel the emotions of the characters. I definitely would recommend its and look forward to reading more from Mrs. Tatlock.


**Bethany House has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

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