No Greater Love by Levi Benkert and Candy Chand

An emotional and challenging story for all. Not a “fun” read, but a quick, interesting book of an amazing story. “When I think back to this time in our family’s life–the drastic transitions, the mistakes, the frustrating unknowns–I see only one constant: God. He was always there–covering mistakes, holding our hands, forgiving blunders, reaching deep into our hearts and healing. And for that, I am thankful.” -Levi Benkert (Introduction)

Levi Benkert was very success but when the California’s real estate market colasped, so did his world. In the middle of his mess, he gets a phone calls about the urgent needs of some rescued “mingi” children in Ethiopia. These are children who are killed by their own parents because of a tribal superstition. Here began a 2 week eye-opening experience that grabbed his heart and change the course of his family’s life. Levi and his wife Jessie sold everything and moved with their 3 young children to Ethipia. They worked on the orphanage for these children, getting some adopted, stopping the “mingi” killings,… while feeling like they were too often hitting some obstacle with the tribe or the government. However, through it all this was their mindset…“We just need faith. We need to focus on our purpose. Our lives may be in disarray now, but this is not a vacation; we need to remember, we’re here to rescue children.” -Jessie Benkert (pg. 104)

I thought this was an excellent quote to summarize their experience that is shared in No Greater Love:

“I began to think back to who we were when we first come to Ethiopia. Everything that had cluttered our vision and held back our faith was gone. Where we were once motivated by the drive to succeed, we were now filled with passion to help others. Selfishness had been replaced by genuine, open hearts and the near painful realization that it was never our efforts that God needed. We are broken now, and that was just how He wanted us. … I was beginning to grasp just how much all of us need mercy, something we were never able to truly comprehend from the comfortable leather couch in our color-coordinated living room in California.” -Levi Benkert (pg. 228)

Check out more of their journey at Bring Love In.


After reading a book like this, we tend to feel guilty. However, I want to encourage all of us to finish this book with a “Wow! That was hard, but awesome.” Then we need to seek God, “Now…am I living in Your plan for my life?” Not all of us are meant to do what the Benkert’s did, but we ARE meant to live in passion for Christ and His grace and then extended that to those around us.


Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

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