The Rose of Winslow Street by Elizabeth Camden

The summary on the back of the book is on target, but the story is so much more. 

Yes, Libby is comfortable in her life, but she’s not really in a good situation. She can not read and feels very inferior because of this. She seeks refuge in her painting and in loving her niece. Her sister-in-law is constantly throwing verbal barbs, which Libby endures just to spend time with her niece. She does her best to see the positives around her, but she’s walked all over by her father and not appreciated, except for the detailed drawings she does for his inventions. There is a side-story involving of his inventions and some missing drawings. (That was a smooth addition and I did not see the conclusion at all! Shocking!)

Michael comes to America to claim a house that was left to him by his uncle many years ago. This also happens to be Libby’s father’s house. The issue will be decided in court, but there is also a mystery in the uncle’s will. While waiting for their time in court, Libby takes them food and helps out when the stores of the town will not even sale to them. This is angers her father and shocks the towns folks, who think they are being supportive of Libby’s family. During this time Libby gets to know Michael and his family. She sees that not all men are like her father. She is amazed at how Michael adores, teaches and has patience with his sons. Her loyalties and relationships are tested and choices are made. However she also becomes more confident in her God-given value wether or not any man loves her.

However, Michael’s sister, Lady Mirela is a story of her own and adds another layer to this book. It is a beautiful account of finding meaning in life after enduring brutal actions that changed she life and future plans completely. I loved this character and felt the most for her. Her story was more than just icing on the cake. I really believe that this novel wouldn’t of been as good without it.

I do not usually notice things that don’t fit in a historical fiction book. However, on page 94 the statement about “the separation of church and state” would not fit in this time period. The phrase “wall of separation between the church and the state” was written originally by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to the Danbury Baptists on January 1, 1802. It wouldn’t have been used incorrectly or at all during the book’s time period, as it is now days.

Overall, I enjoyed The Rose of Winslow Street by Elizabeth Camden with the many layered storyline and the strong characters. Why don’t you check it out while I seek out more of this author’s books.

Disclosure: I received the book free from Bethany House Book Reviewers’ program. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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