The Hello Mornings Summer Challenge

I just finished‘s live chat. I was looking forward to it for information and encouragement on the upcoming Hello Mornings Summer Challenge.

What is the Hello Mornings Challenge?

The Challenge is a tri-annual online community event that gathers together thousands of women from all over the world. We encourage one another and keep one another accountable as we work to develop the life giving morning habit of waking up early, spending time with God and being intentional about planning our days and exercising regularly.

The Hello Mornings Challenge is based on the (free) ebook, Maximize Your Mornings, which specifcally challenges moms to stop waking up TO their children and start waking up FOR them. (Although, all women are welcome to join, not just moms.)

I took notes from the Spreecast and thought I would share on my blog. (As much for my future reference as anything!)

“Do it or don’t do it, but don’t just try. Everyone stumbles, but if it doesn’t work do one of the following…Get Help, Make a New plan, or Set a New Goal”

“Line up with Him to line up your days”

I wasn’t able to get down all of the blogs, but here are some of them from the leaders. (Many also were on Twitter, but since I’m not tweeting, I didn’t worry about those)…

It’s great to wake up and work out or get other stuff done, but you have to get in the Word – “Marinate in the Word” -Lara Williams

They said to look for the summer session Bible studies hopefully by Monday at There will be two to choose from – Love Like Him and Focus 15, which will be free for a week after they post info about it. Also make sure you look for more discussion on the Bible studies at DoNotDepart.

There will be different tracks to choose from as your focus – Getting out of bed, Spending time with God, Planning/preparing for your day, Exercise, or EVERYTHING! The weekly encouraging email will emphasize whatever track you pick.

“God will give you what you need. Meet with Him.”

Register now at

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