Five Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter by Vicki Courtney

“God is not looking for perfect mothers to raise perfect daughters. He’s looking for imperfect mothers who are raising imperfect daughters in an imperfect world…and desperately dependent on a perfect God for the results.” –Vicki Courtney from the Introduction

Yes, that’s me! And as a very imperfect mom of three willful girls, I have truly been given the privilege and challenge to point them to Christ in a world gone wild. However, I need some help. That is why I was interested in this book by Vicki Courtney, Five Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter.

Here are the five conversation, which are in-turn broken down into three or four chapters:

  • You Are More Than the Sum of Your Parts
  • Don’t Be in Such a Hurry to Grow Up
  • Sex Is Great and Worth the Wait
  • It’s OK to Dream about Marriage and Motherhood!
  • Girls Gone Wild Are a Dime a Dozen – Dare to Be Virtuous

Vicki Courtney opens up about the mistakes that she’s made and the lessons she’s learned – as a young lady and as a mom. She points out that everyone might not agree with how she handles everything, but it’s eye opening for all moms and we should adjust our messages and methods for our individual daughters. An important reminder for us moms is to make sure that we are living the messages we’re trying to teach our girls. This doesn’t exclude our body image issues that we have been dealing with since we were girls! Also, remember that a main assumption in this book is that these conversations are ongoing. So don’t give up! There are suggestions for the different age groups and also more follow up offered at, which is mentioned in the book. There is also her I would highly suggest this book to moms who still have their kids at home.

I need to close by apologizing to B&H Publishing Group. My review should have been posted months ago. However, I had trouble downloading the ebook, so I couldn’t read it. I finally had to pay to have it sent to my Kindle. The format did not transfer well, but I was glad to finally be able to read it.

I was provided an e-copy of this book from B&H Publishing Group via in exchange for my honest opinion. The review was posted here at ItsJustMe blog on April 2, 2012.

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