Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

I think this is biggest regret that I can easily show in pictures…

The regret of not making it a priority to reschedule my visit to Grandma’s house.

Even though I saw her often – going to visit in their home was always more special!

Grandma and Hannah playing together

A silent piano

Grandma relaxing in Grandpa's chair

...while Abbye naps at her Great Grandparents' house

An empty chair

...while the couch is also missing the presence of any family

Good morning from Abbye, Great Grandma and Hannah

A very unusual site at my grandparents' house... no one cooking, visiting, eating, laughing in the kitchen.

Your family and friends will not always be around. Appreciate and love them. Make the time and make the effort.

Love them with no regrets!

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