The Search Committee by Tim Owens

I enjoy trying new authors, so I was looking forward to reading Tim Owens. With The Search Committee he won the Operation First Novel contest through the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. The story is about a search committee from a small church that is discreetly trying to check out perspective pastors for their church. Along the way life happens and personalities collide.

The story is real – a little slow, but real. Life is like that – not always filled with fairytale-like romances (but it is sweet when it happens!) or murder mysteries (Thank You, Jesus!) or even mega drama (this one probably happens a little too often!). The characters were written genuine enough to where you and I could could probably recognize them in our church families or in us! It was interesting to see how the characters were seen by their follow members of the search committee and then to see their life through their own eyes. Our masks can really make it hard to get to know people or even know when to help.

Overall, it wasn’t one of my favorites, but I did end up OK with The Search Committee. So, if you get a chance, I would recommend that you check it out. It may appeal to some more than others. I am interested to see what Tim Owens writes next.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

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