Registration Ends Today for the Hello Mornings Challenge

What is the Hello Mornings Challenge?

“The Challenge is a tri-annual online community event that gathers together thousands of women from all over the world. We encourage one another and keep one another accountable as we work to develop the life giving morning habit of waking up early, spending time with God and being intentional about planning our days and exercising regularly.

The Hello Mornings Challenge is based on the (free) ebook, Maximize Your Mornings, which specifcally challenges moms to stop waking up TO their children and start waking up FOR them. (Although, all women are welcome to join, not just moms.)”

This is my second second session to join (this session dates are: January 16-April 15), because the above description is exactly what I need – encouragement and accountability. I long to be the mom that God wants me to be for my kids!  I want to wake up FOR them and not TO them. I want to already started my day right by spending time with God, which will be my main goal. I also want to include working out and organization/planning in my goals.

Well, i guess, if you think about it… my first goal would be to just GET OUT OF BED! 🙂

What about you? You need some encouragement and accountability from other ladies who want to maximize their morning? I hope you join the Hello Morning Challenge!

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