Stumbling into Grace Journal Entry 12 -Becoming More Honest

So, today I’ve been thinking about how I can be more authentic, Jesus, and …

I must first of all be more authentic with You. You know everything anyway!! However, You desire my honesty as my Savior, my Father, my Teacher, my Friend, my Lover… so You an heal me, grow me, prune me, help me, guide me, teach me… Jesus, have your way in my life, please!

Then I must be more authentic with Matt. He is a godly man who wants to know me better than any one else. (And thank You, Jesus, for that!) However, sometimes I choose to put on a happy face to either protect myself from pain or sadness or irritation. Sometimes it’s just because I’m too tired to be too real. Jesus, You gave me Matt, so please help me to allow his iron to sharpen my iron. As Your Word says in Proverbs 21:17 (NCV) “As iron sharpens iron, so people can improve each other.”

Lastly, I need to be more authentic with the dear family and friends You have blessed me with. In this area I also need Your wisdom because not all relationships are the same. Whom to trust? When to share? What to open up about? Thank You for the ones that even though we know each others’ secrets- hopes & dream, ups & downs, fears & failures -we STILL love and accept each other!


2 thoughts on “Stumbling into Grace Journal Entry 12 -Becoming More Honest

  1. I just posted on fb about wanting to have that one special person. I am praying for a mighty man of God like Matt for me. Thanks for encouraging me today!!!

    • Don’t give up on waiting for God’s best! See the blessings in this season -it may be hard and lonely sometimes, but marriage to the wrong man would be too! Allow God to use you to bless others through the lessons you’ve learned. And Thanks for stopping by, Lacey! I would love for you to come back any time to read more and comment as often as you want. I enjoy the feedback!

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