Stumbling into Grace Journal Entry 7-The Gift of Touch

So, today I’ve been thinking about the gift You modeled for us of physical affection, Jesus, and …

Honestly, I haven’t thought of the way You touched people in the Bible. However, I have seen the way You have provided lonely hearts a meaningful touch through the people they come in contact with – sometimes through family and friends and sometimes through random strangers. I remember my freshman year of college. I was trying to adjust to a university over twice the size of the entire small town in which I grew up, but I was lonely. Max Lucado, author and pastor, came to speak. I was able to meet him, and he signed my copy of He Still Moves Stones. (At that time is was the only book of his I owned. Now I have almost all of his books. Thanks to my grandparents! Also we love his children’s books and are hug fans of his Hermie and Friends movies!) Then he said, “You need a hug” and gave me a warm squeeze. My parents and especially my grandparents (who had been reading Lucado’s books for many years before that) were amazed how You answered their prayers. When they couldn’t be there for me, you sent Max Lucado with an encouraging hug! Thank You, Jesus!

During this season of life I tend to feel physically overwhelmed by my children. But, Jesus, help me to appreciate their sweet hugs, sloppy kisses, helpful hands, and bony bottoms! Also, help me to give back to them liberally as You gave and continue to give to me.


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