Stumbling into Grace Journal Entry 5-Thankfulness

So, today I’ve been thinking about the infinite list of little gifts with which You’ve blessed me, Jesus, and … I want to say “Thank You”! Thank you for the Godly grandparents who were an example of fiery unconditional love and solid commentment to You, each other, and their family. Thank You for my dad who taught me that if you are going to do something, do it well.  He also stressed the importance your name, your character. Thank You that he sees the importance of giving kids a firm foundation in You. When his church was unconcerned about Sunday School, he took that responsibility on himself and is the only teacher for all ages. When I was young, I gave him a plague that said something like, “No matter how tall I get, I’ll always look up to you.” Well, I’ll never be as tall as my dad, but it’s true that I’ve always looked up to him! Thank You for my mom – though small in stature is a powerhouse of faith and wisdom. Thank You for the example she has been of a Christian, a woman, a wife, a mom, and a cheerleader of family and friends. She is full of life and is truly my best friend! Thank You for my brothers: Mark – who taught me how to drive a standard in his new car and firmly quieted Ben when he made fun of my attempts. He was there when I needed him, but never before! Ben – who gives the best hugs!  When I was teaching and my husband was gone for the law enforcement academy, he slept on my couch to help protect me when I had a dad of one of students stalking me. David – with whom I shared lots of laughs around many interesting things like spilt wax, ruined carpet, broken clocks, odd outfits, stolen sandwiches, and the card section of City Drug! He is someone to which I can always talk.

Thank You for Matt, my husband, who has taught me that there is more to life than my to-do list. He makes me laugh and encourages me. We enjoy just hanging out together. He covers me with prayer each day before he leaves for work, and he blesses me each night. Thank You that he works hard and cares about doing his job well. Thank You for all the help he is around the house and with the kids. Thank You that we point each other to Christ! Thank You for the hand-me-down furniture and the cheap, but cute little house we lived in when we first got married. Thank You for the amazing friends, Joe and Marisa, who lived next door! Thank You for the teaching job I had waiting for me after college and the supportive teachers and administrators that encouraged me. Thank You that Matt got into the law enforcement adademy. It was a huge blessing that we didn’t have to move, because he got placed in the little town in which I was already teaching. Thank you for the awesome house we rented from my parents. Oh, we so wanted to buy that house, if only it had one more bedroom. Thank You for the house we did end up buying. It was a blessing as our family started to grow.

Thank you for the experienced mom, Amy, who pointed me toward Growing Kids God’s Way, which gave me such confidence as we started bring the babies home. She was always just a phone call away, and I wouldn’t have survived Abbye’s 1st year without her! Thank you for Abbye, our first child, who changed our world so dramatically and wonderfully! Thank You for her strong-will and desire to learn. Thank You for Hannah, our rough yet tender little hugger. Thank You for Hannah’s tears that come so freely wether she’s sad or happy! Thank You for Eva who brightens the world with her creativity. Thank You for Eva’s kind words the other morning as I was putting on make up, “You look nice, Mommy, but you were already beautiful without it.” Jesus, help her to remember that as she grows up! Thank You for Neil, our little boy, who entertains us all! Thank You for Neil’s little hand that tucks around my neck just so when I hold him. Thank You for the blessing of hand-me-down clothes, more gently used furniture, and being wiser financially that helped me stay home with the kids. Thank You for a husband who supports and affirms me in this role. Thank You that we can make the choice to homeschool. Thank You for the privilege to teach my kids and see their world open as they learn to read and write. Thank you for the fun time we have together reading, having tea parties, and going on Mommy Dates. Thank you that there is a park close by. Thank You for bright smiles and easily laughter!

Thank You for my mother-in-law. Our relationship got rough, but now she is truly a blessing and I enjoy her visits as much as the kids! Thank you for my extended family and in-laws. Some I know more than others, because I don’t get to see everyone much. Jesus, be real to them through those around them and show them Your love. Thank You for friends I’ve had since elementary school. We are in and out off each other’s lives like yoyo’s, but we know we’ll always be there for each other! Thank You for the new friends who have blessed my socks off! Thank you You for the church we attend and a pastor who teaches God’s Word with passion and purpose. Thank You that we are able to give back by volunteering. Thank You that I won tickets to watch Fireproof in the theater. My mom was just happening (Thank You, Jesus!) to visit at the same time, so Matt and I were able to go on a date! Thank You for the blogging for books type programs that allow me to get good books for free. Thank You for the wonderful latte that I am enjoying right now! In conclusion, Thank You for loving me and for dying for my sins. Thank You for raising again so I can have an abundant life in You and share Your life with others. Thank You that I will join You in Heaven one day.

I am truly blessed in big and little ways! Amen!

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