Stumbling into Grace Journal Entry 4-Human Snakes

So, today I’ve been thining about handling human snakes in a way that honors You, Jesus, and…

I like the prayer that Lisa Harper shares in chapter 4 “No Fangs Allowed” of Stumbling into Grace: “Dear Jesus, please give me the wisdom to tell the difference between broken people and biting people. Help me learn who to approach and who to avoid, to know when to step toward and when to step back. Amen.”

Jesus, You know the heart You’ve given me. You’ve given me a desire to be friendly and to help people feel comfortable, accepted and loved. However, You also have seen the times that I have been “bitten” by the ones to which I only lent a helping hand. Jesus, I know I am praying for friends, but help me have Your discerning wisdom in this area. I want to know who will build me up in You and take the time for us to get to know each at a heart level. At the same time, help me to step back from those who will only use or turn around and attack. I know in my head there is a difference between those who use my friendship when it’s convenient for them and them drop me when they don’t feel they need our friendship any more and those who don’t want to address a misunderstand (which would actually build the relationship). However, my heart feels the rejection from both. Help me to know when and how to reach out when a friendship can and should be repaired. Amen.

So, what about you, dear reader? How are you handling the human snakes in your life?

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