Pattern of Wounds by J. Mark Bertrand

The main character is homicide detective Roland March. In Pattern of Wounds he investigates a murder that reminds him of a case he solved ten years ago. Everything else is put on the back burner, including his marriage and sleep, as he tries to solve this mystery and stop the killer. This is the second book of the Roland March Mystery series. I read the first book Back on Murder and would recommend starting there to fully understand everything in this book.

J. Mark Bertrand has created a character that seems real. He’s not a cocky, smart aleck who always gets lucky but cares about no one. He’s a regular guy who is dealing with ups and down in life, in his marriage, and in his career. The story follows a real pattern, so the murderer isn’t staring the main character in his face most of the story! Pattern of Wounds is about the work of a homicide detective, so of course it has murder and the gore that comes with it. However, it’s not glorified. The focus is the mystery of figuring out who did it and stopping them before someone else is hurt or killed.

But, how can you, J. Mark Bertrand end the book like that?! I’m hoping you write fast!!

Disclosure: I received book free from Bethany House Book Reviewers’ program. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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