Abiding Fruit

I joined The Maximize Your Mornings Challenge from Inspired to Action about the weeks ago. I’ve been encouraged by the other women who are also trying to wake up for their kids instead of to their kids! (Check out my repost of Inspired to Action‘s Kat’s “Do you wake up TO your kids or FOR your kids?” post. It’s one of my favorites!)

Also, there is a Bible study that is available for anyone. It’s called Abiding Fruit found on the website Do Not Depart (“Encouragement and Tools to Abide in God’s Word”).


Here’s the post describing it…

Abiding Fruit

By  | September 15th, 2011

I long for my life to be one which bears the unmistakable mark of a Christian. When people interact with me, I want them to see Christ and His characteristics in me.

But when the baby is crying, my oldest is trying to tell me every detail of his very important dream, my toddler is…well, being a toddler, I’ve lost track of time and we need to be in the car, like NOW, but no one seems to carry the same urgency that I have, and, oh my gosh, I’m still in my pajamas…well, I’m not sure there is much evidence of Christ in me in those moments.

Why is it so hard to do what I desire to do?

If you know this familiar struggle then I’m glad you are reading this. Not (only) because it makes me feel less alone, but because this Fall we are going to take a journey through the Bible to find out how we can have the abiding fruit of Christ in our lives.

We’ve partnered yet again with Inspired to Action’s Maximize Your Mornings Challenge, and have hand-picked thirteen different passages of Scripture to help us understand how the fruit of the Spirit can become evident in our lives. Each Monday, beginning September 19th, we will have weekly Bible study posts for you!

If you are not already diving into a specific study in the Word, we would LOVE for you to join us in making the Abiding Fruit study part of your time with the Lord. You can download the study guide here. Anyone is welcome to join in the study, regardless of whether or not you are doing the Maximize Your Mornings challenge.

This study guide is unique in that we will be guiding you to new passages and YOU will be doing the studying! Each week we will read and study the same passage over the course of five days. Using different study questions, we will observe the passage with a new set of “glasses” each day to help us dig through another layer of Scripture.

If you will be doing the study we’d love to hear from you! Just give us a shout out in the comments and let us know what you are looking forward to as we dive into the fruit of the Spirit. And, if you haven’t already, go ahead and subscribe to Do Not Depart so you can receive the Bible Study posts straight to your inbox!

We are excited about getting to dig into the Word with you!


I should have posted this earlier, since one of the purposes of my blog is to share things I’ve found that might interest you. However I haven’t stayed as regular in posting so I didn’t even think about it. Honestly, I do think you would be blessed by this Bible study…I have! Also, The Maximize Your Mornings Challenge is closed for the fall, but there will be another one in the spring, if you are interested.

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