Why I Blog? (part 2)

Finally, you say?

Yes, I know, but Part 1 just flowed out of me so easily, while Part 2 has left me frozen at the keyboard.

{Actually the only reason why I am working on it right now is because my internet keeps going in and out. So, while waiting for it to start working again, I will continue the saga of Why I Blog.}

What now?…

As a mentioned in part 1, I restarted blogging on December 29, 2010 with Do I want to restart?. Here is what I wrote… “A friend – a young wife and mom – is being buried today. I have been enjoying her blog (and crying often) which she regularly added to after she started it in 2007. What precious memories for her kids to enjoy as they grow up and as they want to remember who she was. So, I’m considering coming back to this blog as a way to share with family & friends. But it will also be a way to share in the future with my kids some of myself now.”

However, ever since I found out that I could review books and get them for FREE, that’s pretty much all I’ve done with this blog. Actually, I’ve also reviewed a few DVDs, such as What’s in the Bible DVD #5 and Unplanned. Oh, and I’ve even reviewed an app for the iPhone called The Story Home App.

{The internet is working, so I better go finish my research. But I’ll be back.}

Why was I so interested in reviewing books? I love to read! (Plus they are free! And as a homeschooling family of six living on one income, we can appreciate great deals!!) At this time fiction is my favorite. That has changed several times. Fiction was my favorite up through high school, but in college I went through a phase in which I was only going to read books I could learn from. (But silly girl, you can actually learn things best when they are in narrative form!) Now nonfiction isn’t my favorite, not because I don’t like the books. On the other hand, I have many nonfiction books that I want to read. However, in my world of constant noise and activity, fiction is much easier to lose myself in. Also, I tend to really mark up my nonfiction books, which doesn’t work when I’m just trying to grab little snippets of reading time here and there.

{The internet is back off. We aren’t sure what is going on, but it has been happening for a couple of days. We thought AT&T was having problems, because it didn’t look like anything was wrong on our end. I guess I’ll add that to the To Do List for this weekend.}

Yes, I was talking about “why I blog” and “not what I read”, but side notes can be entertaining, right?! Anyway, I’ve reviewed murder mysteries like Nick of Time and The Corruptible: Ray Quinn Mystery, romances such as The Girl in the Gatehouse, dramas like The Shape of Mercy. I’ve also done some Children’s books. A couple of examples are Attack at the Arena book #2 of the AIO Imagination Station Books and This Little Prayer of Mine. My kids really enjoy when I review a kid’s book because they get to add their two cents! I have even stretched myself to review some nonfictions books, such as Love Written in Stone and Plain Wisdom.

But is that really why I blog? I guess my final answer is, WHY NOT! I love books and reading really all I do that is just for me. Also, I want to pass on a love of books to my kids. Therefore, I will continue to read books for me and to my kids. I will also keep on reviewing books and feel no guilt!

Of course, I will add posts about my thoughts or what’s going on in my world. Some recent examples of there are the posts Tattoo, Yes or No?, Sponsoring Children, and A Prayer for Abbye. I like to share great quotes, posts, or deals that I come across. Do you wake up TO your kids or FOR your kids? has been my favorite post that I completely identified with and wanted to share with you. And of course, I will continue to share my ever popular entertainment updates! 🙂

Any thought, ideas, suggestion you would like to share, please do!….

{I’ll have to post this tomorrow, because the internet is not cooperating. Grrrrrr! 😦 }

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