My First Hands-On Bible – “Preschoolers experience the fun! Live the Truth!”

I was looking for a Bible for my son… and I was very excited to be presented with the opportunity to review My First Hands-On Bible. This is the only preschool Bible with actual Bible text. They use the New Living Translation while abridging some to be more age-appropriate. There are hands-on activities through-out the Scriptures to get the kids involved in the story. Each passage ends with some discussion questions and a prayer to make the Bible text more personal. Also, two activities are included with each Bible story that can be used later in the day or week to reinforce what they are learning. The last but not least feature is called the Jesus Connection. Its goal is to help kids see how Jesus is connected through all of the Bible and to our lives now.  An example from this Bible is after the passage about Noah and the Flood, the Jesus Connection says, “Noah saved the animals by putting them on the ark. And God sent someone to save us – Jesus!”

My husband and I gave each of our girls their own kids’ Bible when they turned 3. We were looking for something different to give our son on his 3rd birthday. I am very pleased with this hands-on Bible for preschoolers. I believe all the extra features will help them as they grow in understanding of God’s Truth and start applying it in their lives. I am excited to give this to him. I actually plan to read it together as a family, because his older sisters will also enjoy the different things included in My First Hands-On Bible!

Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy for my honest review.

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