Attack at the Arena by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker

Patrick, Beth, and Mr. Whittaker receive another mysterious letter through Mr. Whittaker’s invention, the Imagination Station. It says, “The Roman’s monk silver cup is missing.” This time they are going to ancient Rome and ….the arena! So, begins book #2 of the AIO Imagination Station Books, Attack at the Arena.

We paused our home schooling to read this book. So, I thought I would share input from my girls. My 7 year old daughter said, “I loved it! I wish we could visit Mr. Whittaker and his Imagination Station!” My 5 year old daughter said “You should really read, because you’ll like it! My favorite person in the story is Beth.” My 4 year old daughter said that she liked the story but thought it needed more pictures! We also enjoyed looking online for the extra information about Rome, the coloring pictures, and other family activities. There is even a prize, if you figure out the secret word.

We want to thank Focus on the Family for Adventures in Odyssey! We have been continually impressed with the quality of the audio production and now the book series. We can’t wait for the third book, Peril in the Palace!

(Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.)

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