Transforming Prayer by Daniel Henderson

We know that prayer is important, but our prayer lives don’t always reflect that importance. In this book, Daniel Henderson reminds readers of the necessity of seeking God’s face and not just His hand. He emphasizes that prayer shouldn’t be an afterthought or boring, but by praying with an open Bible we can take our “prayer life from ordinary to extraordinary”!

I was very interested in this book before I started, just because of the book’s description and what I had already heard about it. I really appreciated that Daniel Henderson said, “The goal is not to train you in a new technique but to motivate you to a life of prayer, according to the teachings of Christ.” I do not need one more new technique but I do want new life in my times of prayer. As I was reading the book, I became more and more aware of how thirsty I was for more of Jesus. I was so glad that examples were included of how to use the Bible to worship Him in my prayer time. Now I am challenged to take my “prayer from ordinary to extraordinary”!

Disclosure: I received book free from Bethany House Book Reviewers program. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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