Super Bowl XLV & Faith

Here now is a sampling of gridiron faith at Super Bowl XLV. These quotes come from a variety of sources, including press conferences and print interviews. (…Excerpt from Jim Daly’s blog Finding Home.)


#12 Aaron Rodgers: “We all have a platform, we all have a message in our lives. I just try to follow Jesus’ example, leading by example.”

“God always has a plan for us, a path. Sometimes we wish we knew it sooner,” Rodgers said with a bit of a laugh, “but He always shows up His way.”

#98 C.J. Wilson: “I think it does help when your superstar quarterback is walking with God. I’ve been blessed to be around him and see how God makes all things possible in our lives.”  Note: C.J.’s father is a Pentecostal minister in Mt. Olive, N.C.

#32 Brandon Jackson: “God comes first. There’s Christ, then my wife, then my children and then the game of football. I want to be Christ-like. That’s whose going to define me in the end: Christ, not football.”

#85 Greg Jennings: “I just want to let people know what it’s all about. One of the Scriptures I refer to a lot is, ‘to whom much is given, much is required,’ and I’m required to have a voice [for God] because I have a stage and a platform. Number one, all glory goes to God. That’s where it starts and that’s where it finishes.”  Note: Greg’s father is a pastor in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

#79 Ryan Pickett: “Jesus is a way of life. It’s everything to me.”  Note: Ryan has joined an anti-pornography campaign in the NFL. “I value my family and my wife.”


Mike Tomlin, Head Coach: “First and foremost, I want people to know who I am and what the most important thing is in my life, my relationship with Jesus Christ. Football is what we do; faith is who we are all the time.”

“I want to lead with a servant’s heart.”

#43 Troy Polamalu: “I feel like faith is the foundation of everything I do on the field and off. It determines how you live your life when you love God.”

#9 Daniel Sepulveda: “Every time I hear Kurt Warner talking about his faith, I’m saying, ‘Yeah, give it to them.’ It inspires me to hear guys like that who are willing to share. The joy of the Lord is on them. He’s not on my team here, but we’re on the same team all the time.”

#21 Mewelde Moore: “God is number 1 in my entire life. That’s the way I’ve always looked at it.”

#37 Anthony Madison: “Let me tell you, God is so good. He has blessed me beyond my imagination. If you don’t keep your focus on the Lord, you can find yourself in some situations that you feel like you cannot recover from.”

…Excerpt from Jim Daly’s blog Finding Home.

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