Good Times as a Mommy!

…You go to put your contacts on and remember that you’ve been out of contacts for the last 6 months.  It’s because you haven’t made the time to find an eye doctor, since you moved 2 1/2 years ago.

…You use odd things to bribe your kids to get past their fears and let you pull their teeth, like the treadmill or iphone.

…You get your hair cut really short, so by the time you get around to getting your hair cut again you’ve had 3 different hair styles.

…Your entertainment choices -books, movies, TV shows, and blogs- tend either to center around your role as a mom (which offer much needed advice or entertainment for kids) or take you totally out of your role (like fiction books so you enter in to another world for a few minutes!).

…You order a coffee drink with your Starbucks gift card that you got for Christmas (Thanks, Dad & Mom!) because your kids know they can’t have coffee, so you don’t have to share!  However, the next time you go, you order a hot chocolate just so you can share!

…You get 4 knocks on the bathroom door with kids asking questions while you are trying to take a shower, even though their dad was RIGHT THERE in the living room!

…You hoped to shave your legs this morning, but plans changed again.  At least, you can be glad that it’s winter time!

…You love naps and early bed times… for the kids’ sake, of course!

…You and your husband’s dates are now dinner and a movie after the kids go to bed. Yes, some times the food is cold and your are really hungry, but you still look forward to it!

You thank the Lord every day for the blessings, that are your kids, and the lessons you get the privilege of  learning through them! …Ok, maybe not everyday!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Good Times as a Mommy!

  1. This is great! Even just a mom of one can relate to a lot of these. =) Funny story is I decided I could skip shaving my legs (because they weren’t that bad) before my yearly “girly” appointment. I should have taken the extra second to check out my underarms! Didn’t take that chance until it was too late and I was already in the doctors office! YIKES =) Love you!

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