January 17, 2011 – Entertainment Update

Book – I’m reading She’s Gonna Blow “Real Help for Moms Dealing with Anger” by Julie Ann Barnhill.  I want to enjoy my kids more and be less irritated less quickly!  JESUS, HELP ME!!  Any other moms understand what I’m saying?!

Movie – I’m watching Despicable Me with the family right now.  It’s funny and pretty cute!

Games Skip Bo- Matt and I have been continuing this game for several weeks!  (Now, to the tune of This is the Song That Never Ends)…This is the game that never ends. It goes on and on, my friend. Matt and I started playing it not knowing what it was and we’ll continue playing it forever just because… (repeat over and over)!!!  🙂

TV Show – Through Netflix, we are watching NCIS, but the last show we watched on TV was Parenthood.  I love the characters in both of these shows!

What’s Playing on My iPod – I’ve been listening to Revive Our Heart with Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

2 thoughts on “January 17, 2011 – Entertainment Update

  1. I once told Matt that I hoped that he remembered all the good times and forgot all the bad ones where I was irritated and “blew my top.” He said, “when were those?” I’m sure he has to remember some of those times, but I am glad that he has chosen to focus on the other. You are a wonderful mommy – your children will remember all the wonderful times, too!

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