The Story Home App

The iPhone’s creative use this last week was to convince our middle daughter, Hannah, to let my husband, Matt, pull her tooth, just so she could play it!!  🙂

Honestly, I don’t have an iPhone or ever use it, but Matt and the girls love it!  The girls use it for movies and apps.  A new app I actually found (Yes, go me!!) was The Story Home app.  I stumbled about their podcast on iTunes first.  Since the girls really enjoyed listening to the stories available, we gave their new app a try.

Here are the girls’ reactions: Eva (age 4) loved the pretty colors and the Cinderella story.  Hannah (age 5 1/2) liked the stories that she listened to, but is very visual and asked where the pictures to the stories were!  Abbye (age 7) LOVED it and wants to buy LOTS of the stories.  So, the only negative I saw is that we now have one more way to spend money on the kids!!   Thanks to The Story Home!  😉

The Story Home is also found on the web at

Anyone else found any new apps that they want to recommend for kids?

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