Redeeming Love

Redeeming LoveThis (Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers) is our next book for Blessings Book Club.  See you at the meeting in February! 

This month we got together for a movie night to watch The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!  It was great fun!!  =)

4 thoughts on “Redeeming Love

  1. You’ll LOVE Redeeming Love…I’ve read it twice and am going for the third time. My book club is also reading it in March! Francine is such a wonderful writer!!

  2. Redeeming Love has truely changed and impacted my life. The was that Francine wrote with such passion was beautiful. It is the BEST book that i have EVER read! I actually cried afterwars because it was finished. It truely captivated me, brought me tears and joy and touched me, by truely understanding the love that Christ has for us all. I didn’t want to book to end, and now i must look for another book by Francine Rivers that is a just as good love story.

    It truely captivated my heart, and brought me to my knees. I would recommend any person read this book, to understand how powerful, just, faithful and loving the heavenly father is. Anyone who reads this book can’t help themselves but want to knoe the father inside and out.

    This book is excceptionally written and it will have a place in my heart forever, as I want a true man of God, a man like Michael Hosea.

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