5 thoughts on “John Kerry Needs to Apologize

  1. 1. I thought he did apologize.
    2. If you look at the statement within the context of the rest of his speech, it seems obvious to me that this was a botched joke. He was trying to imply that George W Bush isn’t smart and that he got us stuck in Iraq… not that the soldiers are ‘stuck in Iraq’ because they are uneducated or unintelligent.

    I think our party is just taking advantage of a stupid mistake by Kerry.

    I have never taken Kerry’s side and I’ve believed very little if anything he has ever said.

    I am a soldier. I am married to soldier. I am greatly offended by the pain Kerry has afflicted on the military in the past… however, this time I must say it was just another Bush joke.

  2. I listened to it and maybe he was trying to make a Bush joke, but he REALLY messed it up.

    I just think everything is messed up. John Kerry and his party will defend or not say anything when Clinton is having inappropriate relations and then lies about them under oath. And now they are trying to pick on Bush for anything and everything. We need more respect and a knowledge of right and wrong!!

  3. I like this from Kristin Billerbeck…
    “I don’t get the latest use of the word “apology”. Did you hear John Kerry’s? An apology takes responsibility for what you’ve done, who you’ve hurt, it doesn’t make excuses or worse yet, call people stupid for “misunderstanding” them!”

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