Let’s Live a Life with NO Regrets!!

Live so that you can look back without regret!

     Here lately that statement has been in my mind and in my heart.  What would our lives be like if we made the most of our time with the Lord, with our spouse, with our family, and with our friends?! 

     As I was cooking lunch, I noticed Matt’s state trooper magazine.  On the cover was a picture of a young man who was killed recently (and not too far from here) on the line of duty.  A couple months after he died, his first child was born.  The baby was a boy and was named after his daddy.  I thought of the young widow with a new baby to raise by herself.  (Please lift up that family in your prayers.)  Does she look back with regret or rejoicing for the time, though short, that she shared with her husband.  Does she think, “I wish I would have appreciated, loved, cared for, shared with…him more!”  Or does she say, “Thank you, Father, for giving me the wisdom to choose everyday to love and respect him with my whole being!”

     God, I want to choose everyday (because it is a choice not a feeling) to love You, Matt, my girls, my family, and my friends with all that I am…without regret, without holding back, and without expecting anything in return.  Amen!!

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